Part of my Greatest Hits

Effetto Lachapelle


Potevo iniziare i primi post del mio blog senza mostrare alcune delle mie foto preferite che ho fatto in questi ultimi anni? Naturalmente no! Ho parecchio lavoro pubblicato sul mio vecchio profilo flickr che non deve andare perduto, perché è parte integrante di quello che sono, della fotografia che mi piace e che faccio. Questo è solo un assaggio, presto riuscirete a trovare sul mio blog tutte le mie “Greatest Hits” , sperando siano di vostro gradimento :D Ho solo bisogno di un pò di tempo!
Grazie ancora per il meraviglioso benvenuto nel mondo dei blog, sinceramente non mi aspettavo questo risultato e ne sono veramente soddisfatta, vi ringrazio ancora!

Could I possibly start the first posts on my blog not showing you some of my favourite photos taken in these last years? Obviously not. I got lot of old work published on my old flickr profile that doesn’t have to get lost, because it’s an important part of what I am, of the photography I take and that I like. This is only a taste, soon you’ll be able to find on my blog all my “Greatest Hits”, hope you like them :D I only need some more time!
Thanks again for the wonderful welcome to the blog world, I didn’t expect such a result and I’m really satisfied about it, thanks again my friends!


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Chiara Ferragni

61 Responses to Part of my Greatest Hits

  1. It’s amazing to see how far you have achieved everything now while seeing this first post :) Your spirit really motivated!

  2. I got my 1st Cambridge Satchel leather satchel around 2 years ago, i just love them, i got it with magnetic closure for easy access, they are the best!

  3. .Hello from Poland. I see that you can have fun. I cordially greet.

  4. Amazing photo’s chiara! What is the camera you used on the 2nd picture?

  5. Kari says:

    oooh, chiara, these are amazing! i was a contact of yours in your old flickr and i was really upset with everything that happened: you had such cute and awesome pictures in there!

    great to see that you're re-posting 'em. :)


  6. Chiara Ferragni

    Yes i'll repost all of the best ones Kari :D
    Thanks so much!

  7. Ingrid says:

    Io amo molto la foto con i palloncini e quella con Richie in bagno (ma siete bellissimiiiiii).
    Uff, non vedo l'ora di avere anch'io il dominio :)

  8. Rodrigo N. says:

    Hello from Argentina… You take great pictures and have a great sense of style… keep it up!

  9. Pame says:

    Hi Chiara! I'm so happy you decided to make your own blog!

    Good look! Un baccione!

  10. pictures says:

    aaha, i love your pictures, so amazing
    Please honey follow me @NathaliaAlvesF


  11. applechaotic* says:

    Quella con i palloncini è la mia preferita **!Non ricordo di averla mai vista mmm..

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