It’s raining


In these days I barely find time to take some photos, at 4.15 pm is already dark and It rains a lot :S On monday I bought the Tiffany foulard I was wearing here which is so adorable and doesn’t cost a lot at all, thanks to Chiara for showing it to me, I’ve never seen it before and I’m such a Tiffany fan :D Today It’s Thanksgiving day in the US and this morning we went to the famous parade, now we’re ready for the big lunch, I’ll upload some new photos soon! I’m glad you liked the last posts!

In questi giorni trovo raramente il tempo per fare foto, alle 4.15 e’ gia buio e piove moto :S Lunedi ho comprato questo delizioso foulard Tiffany che indossavo in queste foto che non costa neanche tanto, grazie a Chiara per avermelo mostrato, non l’avevo mai visto prima e sono una tale fan di Tiffany :D Oggi qui e’ il giorno del Ringraziamento, questa mattina siamo andati alla parata ed ora siamo pronti per il mega pranzo, uploadero’ nuove foto presto! Sono contenta vi siano piaciuti gli ultimi post!

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Chiara Ferragni

81 Responses to It’s raining

  1. Luisa says:

    Oldies ☺

  2. Shasie says:

    Please do tell where those boots are from? THey are so cute!

  3. i love rain! in Barcelona never rains. Yes Thanksgiving! i'm so jealous (in the good way) cool you're wearing ralph lauren.thanksgiving day is like a friends thaksgivingepisode i just love it

  4. Chiara Ferragni

    Thanks so much Regina, I've never visiter Barcellona, my sister loves it and I'd like to visit it soon :D

  5. anita says:

    great photos!!!! i just love starbucks!!! :)

  6. B says:

    You seem so cute and siple, girl next door, but at the same time so special and intelligent. Really cool, keep going! :)
    Oh and i have one stupid question too…what are ur favourite drinks in Starbucks?

  7. Chiara Ferragni

    B thanks so much, I love Caramel Frappuccino, Americano coffee, Wild Sweet Orange Tea :D
    Thanks so much Anita!

  8. if you come and need some information or something just ask!

  9. Alinka says:

    hey Chiara!
    you wrote once that you work sometimes as a model – can you make a post about it too? :) I'm so curious, you have all that it takes to be a model or even an actress. A diva style :) did you ever think to go that direction?

  10. Chiara Ferragni

    Yes Alinka I'll make a post about it sooner or later, I can post the photos of my old model book too :D
    Regina when I'm able to be there I'll ask you for sure!

  11. Mayla says:

    Infatti mi chiedevo perchè non l'avessi mai indossato prima… il foulard di tiffany si chiama twilly! c'è anche nero, ma io ce l'ho come il tuo, preso a Milano qualche mese fa! Veramente carino, io l'ho attaccato al manico della medallion… molto carino!
    Sei deliziosa col cappellino! :)

  12. Mayla says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Chiara Ferragni

    Mayla in effetti sta benissimo anche attaccato alla borsa :D
    Si anche nero era carino ma color turchese Tiffany e' proprio il must!

  14. Treselle says:

    Cute pictures!!

    I wanted to ask again, are your converse glitter or sequins? I've found some glitter ones but I want black like yours!

    Starbucks is amazing. The Orange Mango Banana Smoothie is sooo good!!

    Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving!

  15. Berries says:

    First of all, awesome blog and great style!
    your blog makes me so happy, it spreads joy!
    I love your brown boots, where did you get them??

  16. Monika P. says:

    You are so right. Taking photos in winter is hard, because you've got no to much of time to do it before the sun is gone. but.. sometimes photos in the dark have their soul too.. teh can be beautiful:) love your boots!

    Monika from J'adore Fashion

  17. Camila says:

    Chiara, AMAZING scarf!!! The whole look is so charming.
    Happy thanksgiving for you and Richie, hope you enjoy. Sadly this is not a popular fest here in Brazil.
    Still waiting for some words from you on facebook!

  18. Joanna says:

    Hi Chiara, I love your blog and follow it for updates everyday! I love your Rugby sweater so much I am thinking of purchasing the same one. How did you find the sizing? Are you wearing XS or S? I want it to fit lilke yours :) Also, you and Richie are too adorable!

  19. Great look, the scarf is super cute! Im in love with your boots,where did you buy them/what brand is it?

  20. anna says:

    bellissimo il foulard mamma miaa *.*cmq kià t ho agg su face

  21. katjusha says:

    you´re such a young lady, so cute ;)

    …ho studiato moda a Roma e ti devo dire che mi piace tanto lo stile degli italiani. Oltretutto gli italiani sono veramente belli, come tu e Richie :D bacione, katja


  22. ladistardust says:

    mi piacciono da impazzire gli stivali! particolarissimi, davvero *_* fantastico look e bellissime foto (le prime in particolare).

  23. Adelia810 says:

    buon ringraziamento tesoro…sono pazza dei bottoncini con il teschiuo al lato del collo del tuo maglione…e dei tuoi bellissimi stivali!sempre perfetta!un mega bacio

  24. costanza says:

    oddio il foulard è stupendo chiara, lo adoro..!

  25. Milla says:

    mi togli una curiosità? che smalto indossi nelle foto? mi piace molto!

  26. Tanuki says:

    Hi, Chiara!!
    You have amazing style!!!
    And I also adore ur photos!!!!
    You and your boyfriend are soooo cute cuple!!!!
    I'm glad that I met you)))
    (For the first time I saw you on Chictopia)

  27. Chiara Ferragni

    Boots from Forever 21, I chose a M for the sweater because I'm tall and the S was short for me :D
    The nailpolish is grey from Urban Outfitters, thanks all so much girls!

  28. auriole says:

    omg i love your blog! love your hair, love your outfits and your bags! and the fact that you and your bf are so cute together!

  29. Pigno says:

    ok grazie lo stesso scusa il disturbo ;)

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