Cage ankle boots

Only a short post with some photos taken yesterday before leaving for some days in Tuscany with Richie and my friends. I hope the weather will be good because we’ll visit amazing places like Siena and Florence :) I should be able to update the blog also while I’m away, otherway I wish you a fabolous 2010 from now. I got these cage boots from England and I wanted to try them in this not so typical winter outfit, what do you think about them? The lovely tshirt is one of the presents from my best friend who perfectly knows my taste. Thank you mon amour :D

Solo un breve post con alcune foto di ieri prima di partire per passare un pò di giorni in Toscana con Richie ed i miei amici. Spero solo il tempo sia bello perchè andremo in posti splendidi quali Siena e Firenze :)Dovrei riuscire ad aggiornare il blog anche mentre sono via, altrimenti vi faccio gli auguri per uno splendido 2010 già da ora. Ho ricevuto questi cage boots dall’Inghilterra e ho voluto provarli in questo outfit decisamente poco invernale, cosa ne pensate? La favolosa tshirt con fiocco e teschio è stato uno dei regali della mia migliore amica che conosce perfettamente i miei gusti. Grazie amore mio :D

ZARA SKULL TSHIRT (present from my best friend)

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Chiara Ferragni

116 Responses to Cage ankle boots

  1. Mimi says:

    How much you have improved – but still as beautiful as ever! Have you thought about posting a Chiara timeline of photos? It would be interesting to see how you progressed throughout the years (and this kind of post always interests people!)

  2. Darek says:

    i love you ;)

  3. xoxo A. says:

    Love your shoes :)
    xoxo A.

  4. Urooba says:

    WOW, those shoes are AMAZING!

    I love your blog, you hot Italian, you!

  5. Sab says:

    Morning Chiara :) These shoes ara amazing, you look so hot! mm, you definetely should try to become a model ! you´d be the best ! :)

  6. Valentina says:

    Ciao Chiara…ma con questo freddo come fai a vestirti così?? xD E te lo dice una che abita in sicilia xD
    Comunque preferisco altri tuoi outfits, purtroppo i teschi non mi piacciono per niente… un bacio

  7. Stella says:

    non mi piacciono nemmeno un po'. Come non mi piaceva l'outfit shorts di jeans e calze sottili. Mi spiace ma non capisco come tutti possano sempre direa priori che stai benissimo…..!!!!! De gustibus!
    Buon anno cara

  8. Tatiana says:

    Ey Chiara! Good morning from Spain. I love your… boots? shoes? I don't know what's the word to define them, but are amazing.
    Have a great end of year.
    Bye, bye.


  9. I'm npt usually a fan of cage shoes, but I love how you wore them with this leather trousers – this look works for me and I like it. have a fabulous New Years and a great time in Tuscany! Too bad I didn't get a chance to go there and especially to Florence when I was in Italy in April, ugh… Maybe next time :)

    p.s. If you happen to take pictures in Florence with some city views, please consider posting some :)

  10. noona says:

    beautiful shoes! :) love them!

  11. Chiara I have the exact same shoes! But still waiting for it to be posted to my house LOL! Btw, what size are your feet? :D

    Hope you enjoy your NYE :) :)

  12. Nina says:

    Those shoes are amazing. I just love that you paired them with those leather trousers, it looks so cool!!! And that is a really great tshirt :)

  13. Enya says:

    Those shoes look amazing! Can I ask what brand they are? I love your vivacity for life and your blog really showcases that!


  14. Ludmilla says:

    Non mi piacciono queste scarpe…Sono un pò volgarotte

  15. I dream about this shoes a month ago!!
    I love them on you!


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