Guess what? Angie is with us in Chicago!


These days have been such a rush!Yesterday morning I took my Toefl test, more than 4 hours of test which was really stressful but I hope I did it well, I should receive the results in 2 or 3 weeks!
On friday afternoon our friend Angie from Italy came to Chicago for 4 days before going to NYC and we did a surprise to Richie because he knew nothing about that and he found him at our house :D We’re having such a nice time all together, It’s pretty amazing having one of our friends here with us!
I hope to upload something more later, I really am in a hurry now!

Questi giorni sono stati veramente movimentati! Ieri mattina ho fatto il Toefl, più di 4 ore di test ed era davvero stressante ma spero di averlo fatto bene, dovrei ricevere i risultati tra una o due settimane!
Venerdi pomeriggio il nostro amico Angie e’ venuto dall’italia a Chicago per 4 giorni prima di andare a NYC ed abbiamo fatto una sorpresa a Richie che non ne sapeva niente e se l’è trovato a casa :D Stiamo passando dei momenti stupendi qui tutti insieme, e’ favoloso avere uno dei nostri amici qui con noi!
Spero di riuscire ad uploadare altro dopo, ora sono veramente di corsa!

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Chiara Ferragni

93 Responses to Guess what? Angie is with us in Chicago!

  1. Ed Kavishe says:

    Chiara/Richie this is an amazing post….you guys have come a long way

  2. maria.maliki says:

    great sweater
    awsome pics

  3. Treva says:

    awww cute pics of you + richie. glad you are having a great time. hopefully you did good on the Toefl.

  4. Rikin@ says:

    WOW che bello avere un amico così:-)!L'headband ti dona CHia!

  5. Bellissimi gli stivali! E adoro tutte le tue cose di Tiffanyyy.. (:

  6. great pics and love your fringe sweater!


  7. martamartino says:

    Prima foto migliore in assoluto, particolarissima l'headband :D

  8. <3 D.M. says:

    you look soo pretty!

    The sweater is soo unique and I love the jacket! i am sure you did well on your Toefl test! The picture of you leapfrogging Angie is so cute!

    Also, did you get the sb-600 for your new flash? If so I have been thinking of getting it! Also, do you use photoshop for your photos? I have only used it a few times and I am no good at it!! (Sorry for all the questions! I hope you can help me out!) xoxo <3


  9. belletto says:

    last foto is graet

    xoxo Maia

  10. Jacqueline says:

    I love that sweater and the headband is so cute. I hope the test turns out okay. I am sure you did fine! xoxo


  11. Iole says:

    tropp carine queste foto!!!

  12. Chiara Ferragni

    Thank you girls so much!

  13. Ay?e says:

    Vaaavvvvvv your headband is fabulous!

  14. kristi says:

    the pictures are quite awesome

    and my god,richies house! tell me,is it rented or what? I would love to live theeere!

  15. Sab says:

    Hi,Chiara, thank you for responding my email… AND! I love every single photo with U & Richie :) … Have a nice time! And I hope you pass the exams!

  16. Jen says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Jen says:

    great headband and boots!
    you and richie are so cuteeee aww

  18. Pit says:

    I love the tiara (headband), Chiara!

  19. Giulia says:

    Chiara ma che stivali belli :D
    li adorooooo
    ma te qnd torni?
    fa freddo?
    qui si -10 brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  20. Nadine says:

    omg i absoulutely love this :) you and your boyfriend fit togehter so perfectly & i'm in love with ur head band :)

  21. Jenny says:

    beautiful shoes! :)

  22. Cupcakes says:

    L'headband mi piace un sacco, è particolarissima (e mi fa venire in mente anche quella con le conchiglie che ho visto nelle tue foto estive… ti stanno molto bene, e non è da tutti saperle portare).

    Che bello che Angie è venuto da voi! Certo, una volta che deve andare a NY perchè non approfittarne per farvi visita? =)

    Quando tornate in Italia, settimana prossima?

  23. Giulia says:

    ps cosa sono quei mini hamburger? come si chiamano?? che cariniiii

  24. Nerdic.. says:

    Cute sweater and hairband!
    The photos are supercute too!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  25. I discovered your blog by chance and I just wanna say that it amazed me!!,more than your blog, your life-style. Are you living in Chicago?? Coz I love this city!!!!!
    I also saw that you are from Milan, I have also a special feeling for Milan since I met a very good friend of mine there.
    Anyway, have a Merry Xmas!!!


  26. Alexandra says:

    love the photos !!
    the sweater and the headband are amazing. when did you buy that sweater??


  27. Chiara Ferragni

    Thanks everybody so much!
    I'm coming back to italy this week, I miss Italy now but I love the US so much :D

  28. Chiara Ferragni

    Alexandra 5 days ago!
    Laura thanks so much!
    Giulia sono i Minnie burgers, buonissimi!
    Grazie mille Giuli io adoro le headbands!
    kristi Richie rented the house for 3 months, we are going back to Italy now, do you think I should make a video of the house?
    Thank you all guys!

  29. antonio says:

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Clara says:

    che belle le foto nei bar,ristoranti,fast food ecc,sono le mie preferite!! ti stanno benissimo tutti gli accessori per i capelli!! posso chiederti se ti trovi meglio con i jeans cheap monday o Zara? :)

  31. onlinepay says:

    but you don't want to stay in Chicago?

  32. onlinepay says:

    but you don't want to stay in Chicago?

  33. Jessica says:

    Bellissima come sempre! Ti sta bene qualsiasi cosa indossi e sembri sempre appena uscita da una rivista! :D
    Sei bionda naturale vero Chiara? Togliendo il fatto che hai dei capelli bellissimi, hanno delle sfumature bellissime.
    Un bacione!

  34. Allure90 says:

    in bocca al lupo per il toefl ! Ma l'orologio non ti si graffia con i charms di tiffany? Il mio ho paura di graffiarlo quindi i braccialetti li metto alla mano destra… Il problema è che poi con la destra devo scrivere e con i braccialetti è fastidiosissimo! ( i problemi della vita :) ahhahah! )

  35. Giulia says:

    ma questi Minnie burgers li trovo in tutti gli USA o solo a chicago?

  36. i really love the fringe & the headband, hope that your test went well & that you're having fun! x

  37. Bella says:

    This is the first time that i´m posting a comment but i just wanted to say that i love your blog!

    i discovered it a couple weeks a go and now i check it every day.

    You inspire me a lot with your stories, outfits and pictures. Hope you will keep doing this for a long while!

    and YES make a video of richie´s house;)

  38. Lilly Rose says:

    Dear Chiara,

    at the moment I am studying for an English language test,too! I hope you will pass yours successfully^^. Richie and you make such a sweet couple and I appreciate that you share your impressions from America.
    Lovely greetings,

    Lilly Rose

  39. Ligeia says:

    I really hope your exam went ok!! crossing fingers :)

    Such awesome shots! so happy you're having fun

    take care

  40. Evina says:

    You should definitely make the video of the house, it looks very cosy, especially the last pic.
    Good luck for exam!

  41. fashionelka says:

    sweater is great and I love your hair!

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