Shooting in London

IMG_2262 copia

Other photos taken in London at the end of April ( more here ) with Rosie Hardy, even If these ones were edited by me. The best thing of the whole photoshoot was running in the fountain without any shoes one, in the centre of London, that’s totally me :) And I’m leaving for Florence in the afternoon!

Altre foto scattate a Londra alla fine di Aprile ( ce ne sono altre qui ) con Rosie Hardy , anche se queste sono state modificate da me. L’aspetto migliore di tutto il servizio fotografico è stato sicuramente correre a piedi nudi nella fontana nel centro di Londra, è proprio da me :) E questo pomeriggio si parte per Firenze!

IMG_1885 copia
IMG_2265 copia
IMG_2248 copia
IMG_2244 copia
IMG_2233 copia
IMG_2230 copia
IMG_2212 copia
IMG_2008 copia
IMG_2062 copia
IMG_2064 copia
IMG_2079 copia
IMG_2080 copia
IMG_2083 copia
IMG_2093 copia
IMG_2098 copia
IMG_2118 copia
IMG_2128 copia
IMG_2130 copia
IMG_2135 copia
IMG_2138 copia
IMG_2180 copia

I was wearing a Brandy dot dress, a H&M white lace dress, a Zara studded jacket and a Forever XXI top


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Chiara Ferragni

155 Responses to Shooting in London

  1. Amanda says:

    Beautiful pictures ! Looks so fun to run in the fountain ! :)
    I adore your blog :) :)

  2. Gina says:

    God! That video is totally amazing just like Rosie said…And the photos are so professional shoots… That could be a fantastic day!:-D

  3. Jammer says:

    Wow…gorgeous photos! Those gardens are incredible! And, I'm right with ya on running through fountains – some things never get old :)


  4. Victoire says:

    you look so gorgeous in all of these! i especially love the ones of you running around the fountain. your smile is so infective too!


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