Saturday pool party

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The first real saturday of summer, spent with friends and a lot of laughs. We went to our friend’s pool party who lives near Bergamo, It was only a pity that after an hour spent in the water we found ourselves in the middle of a downpour which lasted most of the afternoon :S. My outfit was of course really simple and right for the occasion: I decided to wear mostly black and white to match the pattern of my sandals (present from my friend Ben for my birthday, thanks again babe) also to mu scarf tied on my head :) The night came to an end with Toy Story 3 at the cinema, what’s better than this? Yeah, I know, I probably look like a baby girl right now :D

Il primo vero sabato dell’estate, passato tra amici e tante risate. Siamo stati alla festa in piscina di un nostro amico che abita nel bergamasco, peccato che dopo un’oretta scarsa passata in acqua ci siamo ritrovati nel bel mezzo di un acquazzone che è durato gran parte del pomeriggio :S . Il mio outfit naturalmente era molto semplice ed adatto all’occasione: ho puntato sul bianco e nero per riprendere la fantasia dei miei sandali (regalo della mia amica Ben per il compleanno, che ringrazio tantissimo) anche sulla sciarpa annodata in testa :)
La serata si è conclusa con Toy Story 3 al cinema, meglio di cosi? In effetti si, posso sembrarvi altamente infantile :D

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Chiara Ferragni

174 Responses to Saturday pool party

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not only eyes but all is gold & diamonds in you also the “Town” my beloved MIAMI”

  2. Jenn says:

    Shopbop.com would liek to send Chiara Ferragni a holiday gift. Can you confirm her mailing address?

  3. Carmen says:

    what a nice scarf! Like it a lot!
    nice pool party also ;)


  4. wow i wanna be there too. of course the skull scarf, typical chiara ;) sei proprio bella.



  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Your so amazing, I love your style!
    You are Gorgeous.
    could you do another wardrobe post, that would be so cool! :o)

  6. Love the outfit!! I like basic! To bad it started raining!!!

  7. Looks like you had a great time! Really adore your scarf!

  8. You should see Shrek Forever as well! :o) I was laughing my head off while watching this one!
    Aaah… I'm in love with your simple outfits, there's always something special about them, like the scarf!


  9. Sassi says:

    amazing pool-party-outfit! you couln't look more cool :D

  10. Anonymous says:

    I really love your blue Balenciaga!!! :)

  11. Anonymous says:


    MA BRUCIA QUELLO SMALTO, SEPPELLISCILO, FALLO SPARIRE!!!! ti rovina tutti gli outfit!!!!!!!

  12. renerene says:

    i lov pool parties !!! You are looking beautiful us usual:)


  13. Anonymous says:

    Sinceramente non era il look che mi aspettavo per un party in piscina.. Cioè avresti potuto mettere qualcosa di più colorato, e sicuramente una borsa diversa.. in questo caso non c'entra proprio nulla il tuo look.. I sandali Pinko sono bellissimissimi :)

  14. Maria says:

    Chiara you looked amazing, some times simplicity is the best right? I think it´s cute that you watched toy story 3 :)


  15. Gabrì says:

    Mi piace.. Mi piace.. Mi piace!!

  16. BuduarKamizu says:

    amazing look and fun party

  17. ioana says:

    you look great! perfect outfit for a pool party!
    have a lovely sunday! :)


  18. Anonymous says:

    Bellissima Chiara!I sandali sono spettacolari *.*
    Dove eri precisamente lì?
    Sai sono di Bg ;)
    Linda :)

  19. Chiara Ferragni

    Grazie a tutti voi, sono contenta vi sia piaciuto il look :D
    Sulle unghie delle mani non ho smalto ma gel, ma lo cambierò in settimana perchè ha cominciato a stancare anche me!

    Thanks girls so much to all of you, the pool party was great and also Toy Story 3, so funny and I love going back to childhood!

  20. qué buen plan¡¡¡¡

    me encanta el pañuelo de Mcqueen…




  21. Anonymous says:

    love your outfit!! you look so pretty & i spotted your tattoo on your neck i love it you should take a picture where you can see all if it ha.

  22. Hélène says:

    Macchè infantile ed infantile! Hai fatto benissimo, anche io muoio dalla voglia di andare a vedere Toy story 3 (in 3d ovviamente!. Dev'essere divertentissimo!! Approposito, com'è??
    Outfit semplice, ma comodo per l'evento, infondo penso che il protagonista della giornata "sarebbe" dovuto essere il costume!
    Come sempre bellissima.

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