Maison About For About strange dresses

Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No1_2 copia

And here for you another post created by the collaboration with Maison About for about. I’ve always worn their tshirts with leggings, shorts, jeans and skirts but I had never thought I could be wear a dress which was designed by them. I was wrong: these are their new creation, the Strange Dresses, 3 different dresses with different shapes and colours, entirely created by their classic tshirts, and It’s now possible to pre-order them on their MAISON ABOUT FOR ABOUT PAGE , they’ll be available in 20 days more or less. I had the chance to wear them for the first time, loving the shapes and the handmade sewing, and also the chance to be photographed by the talented Alexander, who created little masterpieces. An innovative alternative to the classic logo tshirt, what do you think about them?

Ecco per voi un altro post ideato in collaborazione con Maison About for about. Da sempre indosso le loro tshirt con leggings, shorts, jeans e gonne ma mai avevo pensato di poter indossare vestitini creati da loro. Mi sbagliavo: questi sono infatti le loro nuove creazioni,gli Strange Dresses, 3 diversi abiti con forme e colori differenti, ricavati interamente dalle loro classiche tshirt, che al momento sono prenotabili sulla PAGINA DI MAISON ABOUT FOR ABOUT, e saranno disponibili tra circa una ventina di giorni. Ho avuto l’opportunità di indossarli in anteprima, apprezzando le forme ed il lavoro di taglio e cucito realizzato a mano e di farmi fotografare dal bravissimo Alexander, che ha creato piccoli capolavori. Una innovativa alternativa alla classica tshirt con logo, voi cosa ne pensate?

Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No1_5 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No1_3 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No1_1 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No1_4 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No2_5 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No2_4 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No2_2-1 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No2_3 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No2_1 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No3_5 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No3_3 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No3_2 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No3_1 copia
Alexander_Habesland_Chiara_No3_4 copia

CYCLE WEDGES (third dress)
photos by Alexander Habesland


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Chiara Ferragni

181 Responses to Maison About For About strange dresses

  1. Awesome pics! love the shoes:)

  2. Blackcowboy says:

    these pictures are so beautyfull and stylish!!!!

    PS: added you on facebook as a fan ;)

  3. kingaaaa says:

    I'm amazed by first dress. :)

  4. Gorgeous pics and you really rock with this dresses!

  5. Lini says:

    wow great photos

  6. Anonymous says:

    very beautiful :)
    love the pink dress

    Falisha (L)

  7. Anonymous says:

    O Chiara, non me ne piace uno! V.

  8. Anonymous says:

    se per te questa è innovazione….

  9. Giusy says:

    Davvero stupendi Chiara!!
    Le foto sono bellissime e questi vestitini ti stanno da Dio! ;)

  10. Mia Härter says:

    Beautiful pictures!! And those dresses are fantastic!!



  11. Marine says:

    Love the photos and the dresses ! You look so pretty !


  12. Lucy says:

    I love those dresses!!

  13. Joy says:

    WoW! Really amazing pictures!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    le foto sono mozzafiato, ma dove sono state scattate?
    Chiara Ferrari <3
    ora anche su TWITTER!!!!

  15. Sandra says:

    nice pics :)
    i like the pink dress ;)

  16. Anonymous says:

    Wow, lovely dresses and gorgeous posing and pictures! I love the first dress!

  17. Eilish says:

    love the photos. stunning ! cute dress too :)


  18. Helmi says:

    Wooow so amazing pics, you're super beautiful! And I love the dresses (and shoes) too. Perfect :-)


  19. cleo says:

    you look amazing..the light in the pictures are beautyful…

  20. Debora says:

    Love the dresses especially the last one.
    Amazing photos !!

  21. gorgeous pictures! u look amazing!

  22. Céline says:

    The dresses look amazing !!



  23. Julia says:

    amazing pictures. the one from the FB preweiw took my breath away. stunnig.

  24. Beautiful photos !
    But weird dresses too ! :)

  25. { I V Y } says:

    wow these are amazing!

  26. Anonymous says:

    may i know which size you're wearing for the pink dress. thanks in advance :)

  27. Anonymous says:

    Splendidi!! Posso chiederti che taglia hai indossato? Perchè mi piacerebbe ordinarne uno ma non vorrei sbagliare misura! Grazie

  28. Li says:

    Wow, they look awesome!

  29. Vita says:

    super aqwesome, colors are the best ;) kisses from Latvia

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