First day in Courmayeur

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Good morning beauties, and good start of the 2011! Today is the last day we’ll spent in Courmayeur before heading back to Milan for 5 days (I’m leaving for Florence then!), and I already know I’m gonna miss these landscapes and these days spent skiing, drinking vin brulé with friends, playing in the snow with Matilda and eating definitely too much.
The mountains always have this relaxing effect on me, during summer and winter as well. The photos of this post were shot the first day we spent here, in the walk in the centre we had after skiing. I wore the the H&M and Lanvin faux fur coat with a cream sweater, leather trousers and comfortable Ugg boots. Matilda was of course ready for the snow as well :D
The same night we went with 20 other friends to eat in a restaurant lost up in the slopes, that we reached after a 15 minutes ride on a snowmobile: a wonderful experience I suggest to all of you!

Buongiorno dolcezze, e buon inizio di 2011 a tutti quanti voi! Oggi è il nostro ultimo giorno a Courmayeur prima di tornare a Milano per 5 giorni (poi si parte per Firenze!), e so già che mi mancheranno questi paesaggi splendidi e queste giornate all’insegna dello sci, delle bevute di vin brulé con gli amici, dei giochi nella neve con Matilda e delle mega abbuffate nei rifugi.
La montagna ha sempre un effetto rilassante su di me, sia d’estate che d’inverno. Le foto di questo post sono state scattate il primo giorno che abbiamo passato qui, nel giro in centro che abbiamo fatto dopo la prima sciata. Ho indossato il pellicciotto di H&M e Lanvin con un maglione color crema, caldi pantaloni di pelle e i comodissimi Ugg. Naturalmente anche Matilda era preparata al freddo ed alla neve di Courmayeur :D
La stessa sera siamo stati in una ventina di persone a mangiare in un rifugio sperduto sulle piste, che abbiamo raggiunto dopo un tragitto di un quarto d’ora in motoslitta: un’esperienza magnifica che consiglio a tutti voi!

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Chiara Ferragni

188 Responses to First day in Courmayeur

  1. Great pictures, dear!:D
    The jacket looks fabulous on you!!:D

    Kisses from Switzerland

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cosi' li hai distrutti i tuoi ugg,lo sai?

  3. Reg says:

    happy new year, chiara! :) your photos are lovely and the landscape is really pretty, enjoy!!


  4. Emilie says:

    you look so great!! And I love the little furry vest of Matilda.. :)

    Happy new year!!



  5. Troppo carine queste foto! Matilda e' adorabile!!!


  6. AvivaH says:

    I LOVE the faux fur coat!
    Ugg boots are great :)

    Looking beautiful, as usual.
    Great 2011 start!Looking forward to reading more posts.


  7. Jessie says:

    Matilda looks so cute, as do you of course. :)

    With your Ugg boots, next time you need to buy some, try the brand Emu. They're the REAL Australian sheepskin boots (the company got sold and had to change their name after a US company bought the copyright for the name "Ugg"). The sheepskin is better and the wool is of a finer quality.

    Have fun in your travels.

    Her Little Kitten

  8. Ahhh, these pictures make me want to go skiing! Perfect winter outfit and Matilda looks so damn cute!

  9. Andrew says:

    Wow.. A perfect snow princess… You are leading the way for winter fashion… Your leathers have been stunning. Looking forward to the rest of winter to see what you wear next…

  10. Anonymous says:

    Love it! Matilda looks so cute!

  11. montsegavino says:

    Nice outfit!


    Wish you the best of the best ;)

    Montse xx

  12. Anonymous says:

    Tu sei sempre strepitosa, Matilda adorabile, ma Richie è veramente un gran figo! Buon Anno alla grande *anche se non ne hai bisogno!

  13. lia says:

    Cute photos, Chiara!!!
    One question? How do your ugg respond to the snow/rain??
    Need a special treatment?


  14. Nancie Mwai says:

    oooh matilda is so cute!

    Look like you had a wonderful time!

    Happy New Year

  15. Anonymous says:

    you look beautifull!!!=)))

  16. montsegavino says:

    Hello again, dear Chiara I have a question for you, is that I have the same UGG boots that you have in this post and I will go skiin soon, I wonder if your boots are not ruined by the snow, are they?

    Montse xx

  17. tatiana says:

    amazing outfit!

  18. feli says:

    this is my kind of outfit! love everything!


  19. Anonymous says:

    sei bella anche sulla neve! auguri di buon anno!

  20. Francy ;) says:

    UH che bella…Bellissimo l'outfit, e questa neve mi fa venire una gran voglia di montagna, immagino che sia uno splendore :D Buon ritorno cara ;)!

  21. Esther Derks says:

    I love your Leather trouser!

  22. Vasilieva says:

    gorge shots and so much snow, and matilda has this totally cute jacket


  23. renerene says:

    Happy New Year Chiara!!! You look fabulous!!


  24. ?ervené rty says:

    leather pants suits you! btw. Your boyfriend is sweet:)))

    kiss xxx

  25. T. says:

    I love your bag and last photo! :D

  26. Izaskun says:

    I love your outfit, and the pics are so cool!


  27. Looks like Matilda has become a true fashionista as well! :o)
    Cute pictures and incredibly chic, yet casual outfit!


  28. kingaaaa says:

    I adore your boots and bag. Have to tell you that Matilda's got nice coat too. :)

  29. You and Matilda are such a cute couple. Love both of your outfits!!

  30. DeefromCG says:

    Love the outfit, of course I have the same jacket and boots ;) I wear it all the time in this cold weather.
    You look beautiful and so does Matilda! I need to talk to my husband about a third kid- a dog ;)

  31. Anonymous says:

    Decisamente NON sai come ci si veste per stare in montagna. Così potevi rimanere tra le vie del paese, ma per la neve non hai scelte affatto bene.

  32. Marloes. says:

    Aww Mathilda looks incredibly cute!!
    You took some great photos. I love the faux fur from Lanvin x H&M!


  33. No Alice No says:

    Great pics, enjoy your stay Chiara.



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