Random from my week in Florence

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Yes, there still are some new outfits I’ll soon publish, for now here is one of the posts I love: random photos shot during my week in Florence. Enjoy :D

Si, ci sono ancora alcuni outfit “inediti” che pubblicherò presto, per ora ecco uno dei post che adoro: random photos, ovvero foto a caso scattate durante la mia settimana a Firenze. Enjoy :D

Immagine 20
DSC_0005 copia

DSC_0040 copia
P1020767 copia
107996860-5634358_0x440 copia 2
P1020587 copia
theparty copia
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FerragniChiara_2011-01-07_ev3TL00002_img00007 copia 2
FerragniChiara_2011-01-07_ev3TL00001_img00009 copia 2
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DSC_0272 copia
DSC_0119 copia
1apperitivo1 copia
DSC_0858 copia 2
DSC_0128 copia
DSC_0896 copia 2
DSC_0833 copia
DSC_0817 copia 2
DSC_0780 copia 2
DSC_0754 copia
DSC_0733 copia
DSC_0726 copia
DSC_0727 copia
165615_179105632123789_100000730596587_463109_3731928_n copia
165509_178723575495328_100000730596587_460888_7441595_n copia
163455_178806788820340_100000730596587_461331_7990162_n copia
167886_489593344087_279908304087_5694983_7356686_n copia
168099_179111842123168_100000730596587_463141_7649718_n copia
165130_179173072117045_100000730596587_463700_2903582_n copia
DSC_0704 copia
DSC_0703 copia
DSC00050 copia
DSC_0629 copia
DSC_0615 copia
DSC_0614 copia
CSC_0339 copia
DSC_0300 copia
164153_179106165457069_100000730596587_463112_3157504_n copia
DSC_0289 copia
DSC_0125 copia
DSC_0051 copia
IMG_5538 copia


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Chiara Ferragni

231 Responses to Random from my week in Florence

  1. Nadine says:

    Great pictures! Every moment is perfectly captured! Want to have that Celine Bag :) xx, Nadine

  2. Lovely pictures!!!:D <3<3


  3. Oh how fun it must have been…. That Celine bag is a dream!!!!!!


  4. Anonymous says:

    Bellissima esperienza, devo dire che Firenze è un gioiello!
    Ascolta, è vero che domenica ti potremmo vedere in occasione della recita dell'Angelus?


  5. Laura says:

    Belle le foto così mescolate!
    mi piacciono molto!!

  6. Francesca says:

    i post così sono i migliori!!!
    have a nice day…

  7. Thekla says:

    chiara you look amazing!!!!! love all your outfits and you are gorgeous:)xxxx

    im so happy for you:)


  8. Jun. says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    complimentissimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !

  10. Hanna says:

    I love love love all these shots! Can't wait to see all your outfits!!


  11. Miss Molly says:

    oh wow.. your life is perfect!! love all these pics.. and spotted another one of my fav bloggers – Wendy from Nitrolicious! she is awesome :)


  12. totallyblond says:

    your pics made me smile :)

  13. Great pics! It looks like u ahd so much fun! :)) M.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Che dire, complimenti ad Alessandro Pace per gli scatti! Per il resto quella di Richie e la tua bouledoguina è bellissima!

  15. bellissime queste foto! Matilda è troppo tenera!


  16. Mavi says:

    lovely photos!!! i enjoy seeing your weekend!!!


  17. Viv says:

    You are truly blessed. You get to spend time with amazing people, wear beautiful clothes, and visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Many girls would die to have your life. You are an inspiration to a lot of people, especially to me.

  18. Ogni foto racconta tante cose… adoro i tuoi random!!!

    P.S: ma quella Celine fantastica?!?!?!?



  19. Anonymous says:

    Chiara ma la borsa di Celine te l'hanno regalata? quanto è bella…
    belle anche tutte le foto random ;)


  20. snoWhite says:

    wow :) this pics are so great :)
    you-betty and andy on one picture :) the 3 best bloggers in the world :D
    and your boyfriend and matilda so cute :)

    great post!
    take care, Chiara :)

    Saluti da Bolzano


  21. Yay! It surely was a fantastic week! You're so lucky Chiara! :o)


  22. Fede says:

    ciao chiara,

    che belle esperienze stai facendo, si vede che ti stai divertendo molto e te lo meriti davvero!!!!


  23. Ramona says:

    La dodicesima foto mi piace un sacco :D


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