Totally random Saturday photos


Totally random photos: what’s around me in this Saturday of the end of January :)

Foto totalmente a caso: ciò che mi circonda in questo sabato di fine gennaio :)


Matilda with Simba, her favourite soft toy

Matilda con Simba, il suo peluche preferito


Shoes, skulls and polaroid camer, with New York on the background

Scarpe, teschi e polaroid, sullo sfondo di New York


Some among my clutches and small bags

Alcune tra le mie pochette e clutch


Shoes I’d like to wear these days, while I’m spending the time in Coverse and biker boots

Scarpe che avrei voglia di indossare questi giorni, mentre passo le giornate in Converse e biker boots


New York fashionweek schedule

Calendario della settimana della moda di New York


My collection of Dior, Chanel and Diego Dalla Palma nailpolishes

Collezione di smalti di Dior, Chanel e Diego Dalla Palma


Books, random things and trip memories

Libri, cianfrusaglie e ricordi di viaggio


Milo Manara’s woman has lived with me for almost 5 years

L’opera di Milo Manara vive in casa mia da quasi 5 anni


Some of my “paintings” (ahahhaha) made when I was 14

Alcune mie “opere” (ahahahah) di quando avevo 14 anni


The first business cards I had, from last year :)

I primi bigliettini da visita che ho avuto, dell’anno scorso :)

Have a great weekend you all!
Buon weekend a tutti!


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Chiara Ferragni

219 Responses to Totally random Saturday photos

  1. great pictures xx

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  3. Laura says:

    Love your items :)
    You're great Chiara !!

  4. Syrious says:

    ma che foto belle!!
    questi post li adoro!!
    mi piacciono davvero tantissimo!!!
    le Finsk comunque non le metti molto spesso..scomode??


  5. Isabelle says:

    the pictures are amazing.. you have the most beautiful shoes in the world! i'm so in love with the studded kandies. have a good weekend!


  6. Anonymous says:

    Quanto mi piacerebbe venire a New York con te alla settimana della moda..
    Mi raccomando fotografa tutto il possibile!!:D

  7. Tanye Lee says:

    I love your paintings (great work!) and business cards (cool!) :)
    nice post ! xx



  8. Beatrice says:

    Love it! Amazing shoes, amazing photos! Love your apartment! :)
    I heard about you were coming to Barcelona, I'm from there, the time now is cold but around March it would be spring and you will have a great time! It always use to be sunny so.. perfect! :)

  9. I tuoi random sono uno dei migliori modi per inizare il week end… :D

  10. zuzi says:

    Awesome post as always dear :)

    Join my giveaway if you want to get anything you choose for free….. :) http://saladofmylife.blogspot.com


  11. ely says:

    Mi piacciono un sacco queste foto random!! Belle belle…già, ma le Finsk sono diventate dei soprammobili?! ;)

  12. Belle foto!!!!
    On my Blog:
    Heel Condoms….The Giveaway


  13. Daphne.. says:

    Great pictures honey. You're shoe collection is absolutely to die for!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Love, Daphne

  14. Anonymous says:

    chiara….. "totally random" ;)

  15. Lichy says:

    such a lucky girl! :)

  16. kingaaaa says:

    Matilda looks so adorable. :)

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