Back home for some days

Back home

Here I am back in Milan for some days, finally with my friends and with my lovely Matilda, that I missed so much. And finally also able to wear all my new clothes and accessories, among which one of my manias, the transparent bag! This is the Furla Candy bag, that I’ve also already chosen in another colour and that I find perfect for this season, do you like it? Talking about this bag, there will also be a surprise about it for you in the next weeks :)

Eccomi a Milano per qualche giorno, finalmente in compagnia dei miei amici e della mia adorabile Matilda, che mi è mancata immensamente. E finalmente in grado di indossare vestiti ed accessori nuovi, tra i quali una delle mie manie, la borsa trasparente! Questa è la Candy bag di Furla, che ho già scelto anche in un altro colore e che trovo stupenda per questa stagione, piace anche a voi?
A proposito di questa borsa ci sarà anche una sorpresa che vi attende nelle prossime settimane :)

DSC_0297 copia
DSC_0385 copia
DSC_0465 copia
DSC_0469 copia
DSC_0473 copia
DSC_0487 copia
DSC_0525 copia
DSC_0570 copia
DSC_0542 copia
DSC_0608 copia
DSC_0625 copia
DSC_0320 copia
DSC_0616 copia

FOREVER21 SHOES (bought in New York)
YVES SAINT LAURENT ARTY RING (got it back after it was broken yay)

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Chiara Ferragni

327 Responses to Back home for some days

  1. post active says:

    che mi è mancata immensamente. E finalmente in grado di indossare polo ralph lauren vestiti ed accessori nuovi, tra i quali una delle mie manie

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  3. Maria says:

    Me piace la tua camicetta, e anche la tua giacca.

  4. donteA says:

    check this out

  5. Wida says:

    I'm so jealous!! :) I want to be in Milan!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  6. Annika says:

    the shirt and your jacket are beautiful. and your puppy is a perfect fit :)


  7. adrus says:

    i love this bag :D so funny :D

  8. Izaskun says:

    Wow I love the shoes!


  9. Mércia says:

    love this top!!! it's so gorgeous ;)))

  10. Anonymous says:

    may I ask if you're still studying?cause you travel around the world :)

  11. che bello questo outfit :)

  12. Love the bag! i tought it was prada haha
    and the flower top looks like valentino!

  13. Julia says:

    oh i love the bag, there is surely no problem to find somthing in it:)

  14. Dina says:

    I really love the bag.
    But the shoes are definitely not for "every-day" because of the paving stones in the city. however, they are bautiful too.

  15. Ramona says:

    Questa borsa mi convince molto..ma si deve essere ordinati a metterci dentro le cose..e forse non fa al caso mio :D


  16. Alexandra_Gaito says:

    Mi piace davvero molto come sta con le gonne corte e un pò alte di vita*.* bell'outfit :)

  17. Elfena says:

    I love your high heels!

  18. snoWhite says:

    i really like the bag and also the coat :)

    take a look at my blog (: and maybe follow me on bloglovin or Facebook

    XOXO S.

  19. AriadnaBach says:

    I love that bag!! Even if it's like a candy for thieves which can see everything you have inside LOL Nice to see Matilda again!!!

  20. Laura says:

    Love this outfit especially ur shoes!!

    Matilda is so cute


  21. Tanya Lee says:

    I like the Furla candy bag! I think I'll buy one during my trip to Italy in June(hope to hv a chance to meet you)!! Which color you would suggest? :) I think shocking pink is quite good.

    Love your outfit btw <3

    And I would like to ask you where can I get the Milly top online? thx a lot!


  22. Anonymous says:

    quest'outfit mi piace moltissimo!! sei proprio bella! ludovica.

  23. OMG!Luv thy coat.
    nd the shoes!
    nd the bag!
    nd U luk flawless!

  24. Vasilieva says:

    loving your heels and that furla bag is fab

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