Brandy Melville in New York

Brandy in NY

I still have a lot of unpublished photos from last month spent between New York, London, Milan and Paris for the fashionweeks. Among these ones I couldn’t avoid uploading the ones taken at the New York store of BRANDYMELVILLE, on 83 Spring St. , in the heart of Soho. I’ve bought their clothes for years and, as I already told you before, I collaborated with the brand more than one time. Since I’ve always shopped in their Milan stores I wanted to feel the emotion to have a look at their NY store last month. Here is what I found, and some of the items I chose to bring home with me :D
Which ones are your favourites?

Ho tantissime foto ancora inedite dello scorso mese passato tra New York, Londra, Milano e Parigi per le varie fashionweek. Tra queste non potevano mancare quelle scattate nello store newyorkese di BRANDYMELVILLE, su 83 Spring St. , nel pieno cuore di Soho. Da anni acquisto i loro capi e, come vi avevo detto, ho collaborato con il brand piĆ¹ di una volta. Abituata ad entrare nei loro store milanesi ho quindi voluto provare “l’emozione” di dare un’occhiata anche al loro negozio di New York lo scorso mese. Ecco quello che ho trovato, ed alcuni dei capi che ho scelto da portare via con me :D
Quali sono i vostri preferiti?

DSC_0005 copia
DSC_0008 copia
DSC_0013 copia
DSC_0017 copia
DSC_0021 copia
DSC_0024 copia
DSC_0028 copia
DSC_0048 copia
DSC_0051 copia
DSC_0029 copia
DSC_0031 copia
DSC_0052 copia
DSC_0041 copia
DSC_0061 copia
DSC_0066 copia
DSC_0062 copia
DSC_0067 copia
DSC_0073 copia


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Chiara Ferragni

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  1. Monique jhon says:

    look at their NY store last month. Here is what I found, and nike fre run some of the items I chose to bring home with me :D

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