Dior Addict: presentation in Paris

Be iconic, Dior presentation in Paris

My Dior experience was once again perfect: the arrival at the Plaza Athéneé on Monday evening and a delicious dinner at L’avenue where I also saw Bambi Northwood, a giant breakfast, the visit to the Dior exhibition at Le Bon Marché, a lunch all together, the beauty treatment at the spa… But I’ll talk to you about these experiences in the next post..
Now I wanna tell you about the presentation of the Dior Addict lipstick which took place at the suite of the Plaza Athéneé on Tuesday afternoon, which left me without any words. In a very glam and intimate mood we were shown the features of this new lipstick (which will be available in Italy from the end of March), whose testimonial is the wonderful Kate Moss, true fashion icon. 44 different shades for Dior Addict, so each of us can find the perfect one to make her feel unique. We also had the chance too see as a preview the promo, directed by Jonas Akerlund, with Duran Duran music, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy as much as I did :)
If all this was not enough, once the real presentation was over, we were given the chance to “play” and explore all the suite, which was organized like the promo (and where I would have happily lived all my life, especially taking advantage of all the Dior clothes and accessories) and to try our favourite shades of the lipstick. Never experienced a presentation like this one before :D
What do you say about it?

La mia esperienza con Dior è stata ancora una volta da sogno: l’arrivo al Plaza Athéneé lunedi sera ed una deliziosa cena a L’avenue in cui ho anche visto Bambi Northwood, una colazione stratosferica, la visita all’esposizione di Dior al Bon Marché, un pranzo tutti insieme, il trattamento di bellezza rilassante alla spa…
Ma di queste esperienze vi parlerò nel prossimo post.. Ora voglio raccontarvi della presentazione del rossetto Dior Addict presso la suite del Plaza Athéné di martedi pomeriggio, che mi ha davvero lasciata a bocca aperta. In un clima molto glam ed intimo ci sono state mostrate le caratteristiche di questo nuovo rossetto (in uscita in Italia a fine marzo) la cui testimonial è la meravigliosa Kate Moss, vera icona di stile. Circa 44 tonalità diverse per Dior addict, in modo da rispecchiare perfettamente ognuna di noi, facendoci sentire uniche: il rossetto diventa un vero e proprio accessorio fashion. Abbiamo anche avuto la possibilità di vedere in anteprima il promo, realizzato da Jonas Akerlund, con la musica dei Duran Duran, che sono sicura vi piacerà quanto è piaciuto a me :)
Come se tutto questo non fosse stato abbastanza, finita la presentazione vera e propria, ci è stata data la possibilità di “giocare” ed esplorare tutta la suite, allestita come nel promo (e dove io avrei vissuto felicemente tutta la mia vita, soprattutto sfruttando tutti gli abiti ed accessori di Dior) e provare le tonalità preferite del rossetto. Mai vista una presentazione del genere prima d’ora :D
Voi cosa ne dite?

DSC_0343 copia
DSC_0344 copia
DSC_0347 copia
DSC_0351 copia
DSC_0355 copia
DSC_0449 copia
DSC_0359 copia
DSC_0360 copia
DSC_0361 copia
DSC_0367 copia
DSC_0368 copia
DSC_0373 copia
DSC_0390 copia
DSC_0394 copia
DSC_0397 copia
DSC_0398 copia
DSC_0400 copia
DSC_0416 copia
DSC_0422 copia
DSC_0375 copia
DSC_0440 copia
DSC_0443 copia
DSC_0442 copia
DSC_0467 copia
DSC_0490 copia


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Chiara Ferragni

243 Responses to Dior Addict: presentation in Paris

  1. post active says:

    directed by Jonas Akerlund, with Duran Duran music, that I’m sure polo ralph lauren you’ll enjoy as much as I did :)

  2. Great pictures~ and love your hair like this :)


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  4. Wida says:

    You look stunning! I'm so jealous you're in Paris! My dream city!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  5. Fabuous picturs!!!:D


  6. Promise says:

    It's amazing, it's like a fairytale…x


  7. petite marta says:

    uau it all looks so amazing! really!

    Are you enjoying Paris? I've been living here since september, would love to run into you and Andy:P hahaha


  8. kingaaaa says:

    ah, I love Dior cosmetics :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations, this is one of my favorite posts and I must say its the first time I decided to give a coment although I'm proud to say I've followed you're blog from the very first post. Ancora una volta, congratulazioni! You've gone long way and you are very inspirational, certainly not just to me, but to your immense number of followers!

    x Nicoleta

  10. Nela says:


  11. Miss Molly says:

    this post is so beautiful the colors are phenomenal and you look amazing


  12. Anonymous says:

    mai visto niente del genere…un sogno…l'abito arancio…i fiori…i trucchi…i dolci…Parigi…un sogno! Grazie a te che ci rendi partecipi di tutto questo. Alessandra

  13. Beenie says:

    I think that you're just the most amzazing and lucky fashion blogger,that i've ever seen !!


  14. Tanya Lee says:

    What a gorgeous place! Hope I could also be there ><
    GREAT pictures!


  15. Rene Braun says:

    Chiara amazing!!! No other words!!!


    Welcome to my blog too:)) Kisses

  16. Amazing pics!!
    and the haute couture dress is like…omg i have no words to describe it!
    It's a sorrow that Dior's image has been affected after Jonh Galliano's news…

  17. Anonymous says:

    wow….sei bellissima qui, stupenda! e che magnifica suite!

  18. i've never seen anything more beautiful!!!

  19. mll mag says:

    so greeeeeeeeat … nice pics..

    laday gaga @ mugler show here:http://magmoiselle.fr/?p=5931

  20. Maria Maliki says:

    wow amazing room

  21. NO Alice No says:

    Seems just a-ma-zing.
    Lucky girl.



  22. Mimma says:

    Da favolaa… ! <3

  23. lovely pics
    love the city
    love your style
    thanks for sharing

    please watch my PARIS PIX:


  24. Sandra says:

    I whish i were you… how glamorous!

  25. it's so pink says:

    a picture with Eifel Tower left me breathless!!

  26. Lauren says:

    OH MY GOD these pictures are beautiful! Its like every girls' dream ?
    I love that they used ipads to show you information of the brand too!


  27. Posso solo dire: un sogno…

  28. michelle_ says:

    you look like a barbie in these photos chiara !
    should style your hair more often like this :D

  29. cynthiasblog says:

    Sei davvero fortunata! Tutto è bellissimo!


  30. Anonymous says:

    i love your hair!
    always looks perfect.

  31. Sara G. says:

    What a wonderful shots and glamourous set!
    I love Paris… I fell in love with it on october, when I flew for my first time in that fascinating city…
    You can find some photos of this in my blog…
    Come and see!



  32. teresa says:

    bellissimo tutto, tranne il l'eyeliner nella prima foto, a dir poco orrendo. per quanto riguarda tutto il resto, direi che sei la perfetta principessa di un sogno infinito :D

  33. *chara says:

    i can't describe my feelings when i'm looking all these..
    this suite is so dreamy like from fairytale!!
    looove all these roses..
    and your photos are amazing..


  34. Anonymous says:

    Perfect. The eye can not withdraw

  35. So pretty! Love your hair!!

  36. It looks amazing. I really love these photos.

  37. Chiara la tua camera è un sogno!!!!!


  38. Wow… Che esperienza meravigliosa…. :)


  39. Je n'ai pas tout compris parce que c'est écris en anglais mais j'adore !!!
    C'est si beau ! et luxueux !
    Tu as beaucoup de chance !
    Clémence !

  40. A. says:

    wow, you look gorgeous with this makeup. Love the pictures!

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