Relaxed Saturday.. And my shoes in stores!

DSC_0077 copia

After a month spent wearing high heels and running from a place to another I really needed a Saturday with my family and Matilda in Cremona, in complete relax and wearing comfortable clothes. The best part was also seeing the shoes I designed in the windows of the store Cose in Cremona: my psycho smile stayed on my face for all the day :D

Dopo un mese passato quasi interamente indossando scarpe con tacco e correndo da un posto all’altro avevo proprio bisogno di un sabato insieme alla mia famiglia e Matilda a Cremona, in completo relax e con vestiti assolutamente comodi. La ciliegina sulla torta è stato poi vedere le decollete che ho disegnato esposte nelle vetrine del negozio Cose a Cremona: il mio sorrisetto da psycho non ha abbandonato la mia faccia per tutta la giornata :D

DSC_0061 copia
DSC_0005 copia
DSC_0006 copia
DSC_0018 copia
DSC_0107 copia
DSC_0042 copia
DSC_0063 copia
DSC_0170 copia
DSC_0089 copia
DSC_0166 copia
DSC_0187 copia
DSC_0178 copia
DSC_0220 copia
DSC_0251 copia
DSC_0252 copia
DSC_0261 copia
DSC_0267 copia
DSC_0274 copia


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226 Responses to Relaxed Saturday.. And my shoes in stores!

  1. sagit says:

    Really perfect<3<3
    Love your hair color !!:)

    Xoxo,Saga <3

  2. victoria says:

    This outfit is really nice! Love it.

  3. Nicole?? says:

    Beautiful outfit as usual!! Congratulations-Your Shoes are on the Shelf!!! They are gorgeous!

  4. Congrats on the shoes- I can't imagine how exciting that must be.


  5. Jai says:

    I am so jealous of your purse. Absolutely gorgeous! Great outfit.

  6. love the bag :)

    your blue shoes are great !!!

  7. Nikita says:

    Looking stunning as always! And I really can't imagine the feeling of seeing something YOU designed in stores.. Must be so surreal! You're truly an inspiration, you show us that you can accomplish everything as long as you really want it. Keep doing what you're doing girl!!


  8. I think I would have cried if those had been my shoes in the shops! Amazing achievement, it really is :) Lovely to see Matilda again – she's really growing! xx

  9. Oooooh, I LOVE your Kelly Bag . . I'm so so so in Love . . :-)

    And I also love your blue shoes, they're great!!
    Where can I order them, I live in Germany. Online Shop??

    I have a Giveaway on my Blog and I could bet, you'll like it! 

    Lisa :)

  10. I really need to get myself some comfortable flats too!

  11. Jackie says:

    great outfit!! and i absolutely love your shoes!!


  12. Laura says:

    You look great!! I love your outfit

    And congrats! That's amazing to see your shoe collection in stores, it isn't ?


  13. Demy says:

    WOW!!! A round of applause for the gorgeous Chiara please!! I'm so happy about this, I can't imagine how happy you were to see your creations in store! I'm so so happy about you! I want your life actually! :D

    Anyway, this outfit is gorgeous! You look stunning not only in formal outfits but also in kinda more casual outfits like this one! The jacket, shoes, pants and bag are so to die for! Well practically, everything is to die for! You're the best fashion blogger in the world, and I really mean this, I'm not just saying this to flatter you! Thanks for existing and inspiring us! :D

  14. Anonymous says:

    WOW! sei stupenda anche in relax!
    kiara ho una curiosità:ma quanto spendi con la lavatrice per tutti i i tuoi vestiti? ormai sono un immensità! e dove li metti a asciugare? devi avere una casa enorme! è solo una curiosità spero che tu risponda-.

  15. Benedetta says:

    Che bella soddisfazione!
    Brava e buona domenica di relax, anche la mia sarà così dopo una settimana intensa passata in un viaggio di lavoro a Hong Kong e Shanghai.

  16. NEDA says:

    I adore your ankle boots; they are such a simplistic accessory that transforms your outfit momentarily…i am beckoning it's the texture that contrast beautifully with your aviator jacket and colour with the(gorgeouss!!) vintage hermes kelly bag. One of my faviourite outifts:)…
    X Neda X

  17. Rachella says:

    congrats with your shoes in stores!

  18. Love the aviator jacket!!
    congrats 4 the shoes! they're really AMAZING!!
    XX from spain

  19. The shoes you made are amazing !!! The color is incredible !

  20. The shoes are fabulous, congrats ^.^ And that pic of Mathilda in the car is priceless!!

  21. Congrats girl!!! These shoes really are awesome! I'd love to become a happy owner of the blue ones! :o )


  22. love your ring. <3

  23. Anonymous says:

    Ciao Chiara,
    non smetterò mai di dire che le tua scarpe sono stupende!!!!
    Il colore, il modello, il tacco così particolare!!!
    Infatti non ho perso tempo a comprarne un paio per me e per mia mamma…
    Un bacio continua così, se i FANTASTICA!!!!

  24. Jen says:

    The jacket is wonderful!
    Love Jen

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