First outfit with “her”

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Happy Easter to all of you guys :)
Here is the first outfit with my Birkin, with some photos shot last Friday… I wanted to create a comfort and casual look, in which the bag was the true main character.
I’ve wanted this bag for years and after I’ve asked informations in the Milan and Paris stores I understood that the waiting lists really exists, then in Paris during the fashion week I met in person Emilie, another blogger I was following, who owned 3 Birkin bags (among them also my favourite one: orange with golden hardware) and she decided to sell one of these, that she wasn’t using a lot for the colour. And that’s how I got my first Birkin :)
And you know what’s funny? The first Hermes bracelet I bought, from last year, is of the same colour, do you remember it?
Have a great day with the people you love, I’m doing the same and It’s such a big joy :)

Buona Pasqua a tutti voi innanzitutto :)
Ecco il primo outfit insieme alla Birkin, con alcune foto scattate tra una corsa e l’altra lo scorso venerdi… Ho voluto creare un look semplice e comodo, in cui la borsa fosse la vera protagonista.
Dopo averla desiderata per anni e dopo essermi informata presso la boutique di Milano e Parigi avendo appreso che la lista d’attesa esiste veramente (non si tratta di una leggenda ahimé) ho conosciuto di persona durante la settimana della moda di Parigi Emilie, un’altra blogger che seguivo, che aveva ben 3 Birkin (tra cui la mia preferita in assoluto: arancione con hardware dorato) e aveva deciso di venderne una, che sfruttava poco per via del colore. Ed ecco come ho avuto la mia prima Birkin :)
E, neanche a farlo apposta, il primo bracciale di Hermes che ho comprato l’anno scorso è dello stesso identico colore, ve lo ricordate?
Passate tutti una favolosa giornata con le persone a cui volete bene, io sto facendo lo stesso ed è una delle gioie più grandi :)

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DSC_0223 copia
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DSC_0233 copia
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Chiara Ferragni

218 Responses to First outfit with “her”

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  2. s says:

    Gorgeous ;)

    Tyvärr, inga inlägg motsvarade dina sökord.

  3. Anonymous says:

    i really love all your outfits!!!!

  4. No soy Lola says:

    Amazing bag!!It's my dream! I wish I would have one….And you look so beatiful!


  5. Anonymous says:

    you look awesome!:)

  6. Happy Easter to you and your pretty dog!!! I love blouses with one shoulder (? Here in Brasil we say "Um ombro só")
    I think that is great on you!!!
    Kisses from Brasil


  7. Eva says:

    Beautiful! The bag is fabulous *-*



  8. Anonymous says:

    How much did you pay for this bag? :)

  9. SIENA.STYLE says:

    amazing!!love your bag!!!

  10. Akrivi says:

    Simply gorgeous! The colour is better than orange I looove it!

  11. Marine says:

    I love your accessories! Your watch and bracelets are insane!
    this all-black outfit with red lips is perfect on you!
    Love the bag, of course.

    Love from Paris,
    Marine / Another fucking fashionista


  12. bellissima..la borsa è favolosa!!! e tutto l outfit, semplice ma d effeto..m,i piace tantissimo, sopratutto j anelli!!! auguroni anke a te chiara !!! HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!

  13. Intrigue Me says:

    dont like it in this colour. I'd prefer it in grey, beige, cream…but not light pink. your a women not a little girl

  14. Giorgia says:

    Ma che bell'outfit!! Certo che la Birkin è proprio uno spettacolo =)

  15. Sophie says:

    I loveeeeeeeeeeee "her". she looks amazing on your arm. i am so jealous!

    you look gorgeous as per usual :)


    p.s i briefly met you in london outside the Burberry show. it was awesome seeing you in real life. hopefully i will be able to meet you properly someday x

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