A day with… Luisaviaroma stylelab!

DSC_0064 copia

Do you remember about the Luisaviaroma contest in which the 2 winners would have became stylists for a day?
I spent all my Monday with them, wearing the outfits they chose for me :)
The first winner was Andrea, from Germany: here are the 3 looks she chose to make me wear.

Vi ricordate del contest organizzato da Luisaviaroma in cui i 2 vincitori sarebbero stati stylist per un giorno?
Lunedi ho passato tutta la giornata con loro, indossando gli outfit che hanno scelto per me :)
La prima vincitrice è stata Andrea, dalla Germania: ecco i 3 look che ha deciso di farmi indossare.

227402_10150258160306337_110378796336_8526286_4336446_n copia
231190_10150258160111337_110378796336_8526285_4237812_n copia
DSC_0010 copia
DSC_0053 copia

Herve Leger dress, Rene Caovilla shoes, Giambattista Valli jacket, Jimmy Choo bag

228385_10150258161201337_110378796336_8526300_144632_n copia
230423_10150258161281337_110378796336_8526302_6879293_n copia
DSC_0125 copia
DSC_0130 copia
DSC_0134 copia

Maria Lucia Hohan ‘Mousseline Crystal Bow Dress’, Casadei shoes

DSC_0152 copia
DSC_0176 copia

The second winner was Valentina, from italy: here are the 3 looks she decided to make me wear:

La seconda vincitrice è stata Valentina, italiana: ecco i 3 look che ha deciso di farmi indossare:

229143_10150258161956337_110378796336_8526317_1245149_n copiaDSC_0201 copia
DSC_0243 copia
DSC_0254 copia
DSC_0267 copia

Balmain top, Diego Dolcini shoes, Givenchy jacket

225050_10150258162351337_110378796336_8526325_148048_n copia
DSC_0284 copia
DSC_0293 copia
DSC_0308 copia
DSC_0318 copia

Burberry waistcoat, Camilla Skovgaard shoes, Delfina Delettrez necklace

DSC_0371 copia
DSC_0375 copia

Chiara Ferragni shoes, Givenchy dress and Givenchy bag

Which is your favourite look among the 6 Andrea and Valentina created?
Can you guess my favourite one?
Big thanks to Andrea, Valentina, Angie and the Luisaviaroma staff the wonderful day!

Quale è il vostro look preferito tra i 6 creati da Andrea e Valentina?
Riuscite ad indovinare quello che amo di più?
Grazie ad Andrea, Valentina, Angie e lo staff di Luisaviaroma per la splendida giornata!


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Chiara Ferragni

285 Responses to A day with… Luisaviaroma stylelab!

  1. eyewear says:

    I love those sunglasses

  2. Maretta? says:

    Belle foto!

    xoxo Mara

  3. Agnès says:

    Beautiful pictures, beautiful dresses!
    love, Agnés


  4. Chiara L says:

    Mi piacciono molto quasi tutti gli outfit! :D


  5. Anonymous says:


  6. love the second look from valentina! definitely my favourite, i think it's suits your personal style best and you look the most comfortable in it as well. hope you had a good day dressing up! :)
    january, x

  7. Dear Chiara,

    it was a wonderful 'Style Lab' with you and the LuisaViaRoma-Team!

    Thank you for this wonderful post and enjoy my ones starting-up with

    'Meeting Date with Chiara Ferragni' -

  8. mairi pappa says:

    you seem to enjoy more the first from valentina….Balmain top, Diego Dolcini shoes, Givenchy jacket!!

  9. Carolina says:

    Wow, brak s?ów!!!
    I love your blog!!

  10. Sicuramente l'ultimo, ma le scarpe di casadei….. pure!!

    new post on my blog

  11. Anonymous says:

    chiara che bella che sei! secondo me il tuo preferito è l'ultimo! del resto ci sono le tue magnifiche scarpe!!!! xxx lau

  12. Anonymous says:

    I think that the 5th is the best one.
    I love it!

  13. Tate says:

    That long dress is simply PERFECT!

  14. cuteredbow says:

    Gorgeous looks ! All different but all beautiful !


  15. the long pink dress, that's for sure because you have a big smile

  16. Laura says:

    The one with the maxi dress is amazing! You look wonderful in all of them


  17. Anonymous says:

    il mio preferito è l'ultimo :)
    ma cosa c'è scritto nel nuovo tatuaggio??
    bellissima come sempre!!:)

  18. s says:

    Wooooooooow all these looks are amazing!!!
    You're so Beautiful in all ;D

    Fashion People: KATE MOSS http://magmoiselle.fr

  19. Anna says:

    adoro l'abito di Maria Lucia Hohan!!!
    così romantico, soffice ed elegante!!!
    il tuo look preferito probabilmente è proprio questo! …almeno… io se fossi stata in te, me ne sarei innamorata subito!
    e quelle scarpe di casadei dove le mettiamo!?!
    aaaaa mi brillano gli occhi! :D

  20. I LOVE YOU CHIARA!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Chiara says:

    Il Primo di Andrea
    e il Secondo di Valentina
    sono i miei preferiti :)

    mhhh io mi butto e dico che il tuo preferito è il secondo di Valentina!
    Comunque stavi bene?? Hai un faccino molto stanco! Spero vada tutto bene! Baci :)

  22. Lily says:

    Looks like so much fun!! Love all the looks but really love the long lavender dress !!


  23. M.rolez says:

    Oh my god ! I really love the first ones :D
    xoxo form spain Chiara :)

  24. Sofie says:

    i love the long dress, that outfit is the best one!


  25. KarinR says:

    my favourite is the one with Burberry waistcoat, Camilla Skovgaard shoes, Delfina Delettrez necklace!

    Always loved an outfit with a hint of rock&roll!

  26. Essiefashion says:

    Great outfits and pics :D

  27. Alyces77 says:

    My absolute favorite is the first of Andrea who managed to combine a medium large bag with mini evening dress.
    And the coat cutting geometry is great!

    I believe that it's also very nice, the third of Valentina, I find it very suitable to your style a bit 'rock!

  28. Gazel M. says:

    You look great.

  29. Leire says:

    I love all those outfits!!!!!!! amazing

  30. Allegra says:

    WOW! I like the outfit with the skirt the most!

  31. MIXED MINDS says:

    You look gorgeous in all the dresses! I can't choose wich one is more beautifull … :)


  32. Beautiful outfits ! Love them all ?

  33. Dipshikha says:

    What a fun day it must have been for you! Lovely photos! :)

    The Herve Leger dress and Rene Caoville shoes look great on you but the Maria Lucia Hohan 'Mousseline Crystal Bow Dress is phenomenal! The Burberry waistcoat is again really nice and the last look is more the casual you we see in your photos from time to time.

    My favs – you in the Maria Lucia Hohan 'Mousseline Crystal Bow Dress and wearing Chiara Ferragni shoes, Givenchy dress and Givenchy bag. Love today's post! :)

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