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Even If I’m in Las Vegas I have to talk you about this new project…This other project created in collaboration with Pennyblack is now online, do you remember I had already collaborated with the brand on the Vogue Fashion’s night out and for other projects? This one is called Blog & the city, a web series on Pennyblack facebook page. I’ll be one of the 5 main characters and for the occasion I’ll create some Pennyblack looks choosing my personal taste and taking photos in my favourite place of Milan… Every week there’s gonna be a new episode with each blogger… And the surprises aren’t over yet… Stay tuned to discover more..
Can you guess which one among those bloggers I am? Yes, there is also Matilda, she’s a vip now :)

Anche se sono a Las Vegas vi devo parlare di questo nuovo progetto…E’ ora on-line un altro progetto creato in collaborazione con Pennyblack, con cui avevo già lavorato per la Vogue fashion’s night out ed in altre occasioni. Si chiama Blog & the city, una serie web in programma sulla pagina facebook di Pennyblack .
Io sarò una delle 5 blogger protagoniste e per l’occasione realizzerò dei look Pennyblack seguendo il mio stile personale e fotografandomi nei luoghi preferiti della mia città…Ogni settimana ci sarà un episodio con ciascuna blogger…ma le sorprese non finiranno qui…stay tuned to discover more..
Riuscite a capire quale sono tra le blogger ritratte? Si, c’è anche Matilda, ormai lei è una vip :)

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Chiara Ferragni

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  1. Rusty says:


  2. Emily Grace says:

    Amazing kind of blog post! I love this. The way you have define stuff is amazing and very interesting. Keep it up

  3. Annika says:

    oh so lucky!!! congrats!!!


  4. Frickys says:

    2nd one and so cute that they featured Matilda :)

  5. Thats so cool! Fan already! :) XO Raspberry & Rouge


  6. Sooz* says:

    I love the drawing

  7. Bella iniziativa complimenti…Son curiosa di veder il tuo primo episodio. Carinissima Matilda è una vera star :)
    Un bacio
    Flavia di GLAMOUR NOTES

  8. Iris Tinunin says:

    tu sei riconoscibile perchè hai matilda.. e accanto a te l'altra bionda mi ricorda carolina engman di fashion squad.. può essere?


  9. Elena Leder says:

    Sei sicuramente la seconda! haha:)cé anche Matilda!!!!


  10. So?a says:

    Love it! So cute!

  11. Syrious says:

    un altro brand dopo Mango che punta sulle Fashion Blogger!! bene bene mi sa che qualcosa si va svegliando :)


  12. so says:

    sicuramente lo sai, ma visto che sei all'estero.
    sei su A di questa settimana con Riccardo.
    qui la pagina e la foto, così la puoi scaricare:


  13. Anonymous says:

    from the left: carolina from fashion squad and you with matilda:)
    but others – no idea! i can only guess that one of them is Andy :P

  14. Jessie says:

    love the sketches. very very cool! ps. matilda looks like the coolest one girlfriend!
    xx, http://wordbyjessie.com/

  15. What can I say, bloggers love Balenciaga :D

  16. annalisa says:

    congrats- so lucky! xx

    come check out my GIVEAWAY with Maison Cauchemar on

  17. I recognize the first one – the girl from Fashion Squad :)

  18. mimi says:

    i saw that on the pennyblack fb page last week and was excited to discover you were a part of this project. GO CHIARA!
    mademoiselle mimi

  19. They come up with some great ideas!! Great to see Matilda is included too!!


  20. feH says:

    Bhè, direi la seconda ;)
    Comunque, bella iniziativa! :)


  21. Borjana says:

    Second from the left,Matilda said it all;)

  22. black pearl says:

    I love drawing! congrats, great project:)

  23. V.P.K says:

    ? matilda!!

  24. Mery says:

    Bella iniziativa…si si…
    Chiara passa a vedere la borsa Chanel nel mio blog dimmi se ti piace…baci…

  25. Wow I can't wait to see your choices for the Blog and the City.



  26. Yeah~ the second one :-) its so cute and so YOU!

  27. Sarah says:

    So exciting! I suppose you are the blondie next to mathilda


  28. Lily says:

    So cute !! Love the little drawing of matilda !!


  29. MrsScemaa says:

    Sei la seconda :D

  30. ha, funny how they pictured you, is the one on the right andy from stylescrapbook?


  31. LarissaG says:

    Woww :) Divertiti a Las Vegas!
    Un'altra blogger è sicuramente Carolina Engmann! Quella a sinistra :D

  32. Congrats girl
    wow i think is very import for u and sounds awesome =)
    is a part of you and well i think u can shows more of u

    congrats again
    fun with this project shalalala

    ill follow u very week

  33. Camilla's Secret's says:

    Really amazing project….Congratulations!!!


  34. OMG, the person who jumped on this idea is a pure genius!!

    i invite you on http://fashionmugging.blogspot.com

  35. Gina Michele says:

    Love the illustration! Great project!

    ? Gina Michele

  36. kate says:

    Haha I like how Matilda is included so cute.

  37. Change says:

    You are a cartoon, now! How great! And I love this ilustrator (from http://www.irmasworld.com/, if I am not wrong)It makes me love this project even more!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Non vedo l'ora di saperne di più!


  39. s says:

    Great project ;D


  40. So cool!! like to see it..


  41. bittersweet says:

    I cannot wait to hear more. I looks like fun, love the drawings :)


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