By the pool in Vegas

DSC_0582 copia

Since I’m in such a big hurry I’ll write the complete post about yesterday in the next days, for the moment here for you some photos shot on Wednesday afternoon at the pool of our hotel, the Cosmopolitan, with my new banana outfit from H&M :)
Thoughts? What do you say about it?

Essendo di corsa devo rimandare ai prossimi giorni il post dettagliato sulla giornata di ieri a Las Vegas, per ora alcune foto scattate mercoledi pomeriggio nella piscina del nostro hotel, il Cosmopolitan, con il mio nuovo completo “bananoso” di H&M :)
Pensieri? Cosa ne dite?

DSC_0475 copia
DSC_0397 copia
DSC_0438 copia
DSC_0458 copia
DSC_0486 copia
DSC_0508 copia
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Chiara Ferragni

232 Responses to By the pool in Vegas

  1. Elisse says:

    Hello! I just recently discovered your blog and I am a big fan, and have been clicking through to your older posts. I also have this bikini and dress!! I bought the dress first, loved it, and came back to H&M a few weeks later to buy the bikini! My sister thought I was weird for getting 2 things in the same print but they are both so great.

  2. Danne Chimal says:

    Lovely swimsuit :) you have a great body! :)


  3. Wow! You're my favorite blogger by far! I love you!


  4. verena says:

    so modelish! love it!

  5. So cute! Love your posts from Vegas!!!

    - Dani


  6. Chiara L says:

    Adoro questo bikini e questo vestito, mi sa che devo proprio fare un salto da H&M!! :)


  7. louisa says:

    i love this combination, its so cool:) it's kind of different and unusual, but definitely not boring! <3

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love it Chiara!! You look so good.

  9. Maite says:

    I like the bikini and clothing, seem very comfortable and promote a lot!!!also with the bandeu do not fit the brand antistatic straps, jajaj


    kissess from spain

  10. I love all the pictures from Vegas! You are stunning!


  11. Anonymous says:

    Hey Chiara I´m curious of what size you are wearing in your bikini o.o Please answer; I'm not a Pevert just a nosy Girl :D Btw you look awesome (:

  12. Liliana says:

    you look so great in "Bananas" ;)

  13. Sofie says:

    Nice! I love the banana print!


  14. Chiara
    Chiara says:

    They're both size M If i remember well :D
    Thanks people!

  15. Like! Such a fun outfit!! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  16. I love this bikini! If only i had your figure i would be in a bikini all the time!! Gorgeous as always! :)


  17. Elena says:

    Love the banana bikini, looks really cool against your skin!

    Elena from http://theonewiththefashion.blogspot.com/

  18. This dress looks like sooo much fun!!Love it!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mi piaci di più con il vestito!!!

  20. Tiziana says:

    Il bichini è bello, ma chi ha una terza/quarta di tette non può permetterselo…speriamo che sta moda della fascia passi in fretta! ;)

  21. Adorooooooo!!! Comprerò assolutamente il completo :)))))))

  22. Lauren says:

    you have no idea how much i adore this look! the bananas are SO CUTE!

  23. Sophie says:

    You are very beautiful and natural!

  24. Anonymous says:

    tutto insieme non mi piace…l'abinamento costume da bagno\copricostume, perfettamente identici..fa molto"vecchia"…inoltre non mi sembra una gran fantasia per propinarla addirittura in due indumenti.

  25. marina says:

    splendido questo insieme!!!!
    è incredibile come H&M abbia delle cose così carine e stilose pur costando pochissimo.
    bellissime le foto,stupenda soprattutto quella dove sei sdraiata. molto intensa l'espressione dello sguardo.

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