The shawl

DSC_0146 copia

If I had to suggest you a comfortable and easy to use item I’d tell you to buy a coloured shawl like the Missoni one I was wearing some days ago. I had already tried it mixed to shorts and heels last summer and on Friday I decided to match it to basic but coloured pieces. And I think I’m also gonna use it on the beach as a beachrobe or as a scarf at night, when it gets windy… Ok, I already wanna leave for the sea :)
P.S: Yesterday we finished the shooting, I’m waiting for the results to show them to you!

Se vi dovessi consigliare un capo pratico e sfruttabile in diversi modi ed occasioni vi direi sicuramente di comprare uno scialle colorato come quello di Missoni che ho indossato qualche giorno fa. L’avevo già provato abbinato a degli shorts e tacchi l’estate scorsa e venerdi ho invece preferito mixarlo a capi basici ma colorati.
E penso lo sfrutterò anche come pareo in spiaggia durante l’ora dell’aperitivo o come sciarpa di sera, quando sale il vento.. Ok, ora ho già voglia di partire per il mare :)
P.S: Ieri abbiamo finito il servizio fotografico, attendo ansiosa di vedere i risultati e di poterveli mostrare!

DSC_0070 copia
DSC_0091 copia
DSC_0104 copia
DSC_0120 copia
DSC_0144 copia
DSC_0124 copia
DSC_0125 copia
DSC_0129 copia
DSC_0137 copia
DSC_0169 copia


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189 Responses to The shawl

  1. Oh, my, I never knew that you had done an article about shawls! My whole blog is dedicated to shawls and scarves:

    My favourites are shawls with colourful patterns!

    X, Comtesse Sofia

  2. Maxi says:

    I like the lipstick :-) ! Which company is it?

  3. Anna says:

    You look so lovely ;D Sometimes I wish I were higher and the some time is now :D !

  4. Robby S. says:

    Ragazze Swap Party a Sassuolo con Carla Gozzi del programma "Ma Come Ti Vesti?!"


    Iscrizione per partecipare all'evento:

  5. JK says:

    I love the honeycomb pattern and all those colours!

  6. Love everything about this look! That shawl looks awesome!

    P.S. Check out a new GIVEAWAY on my blog!

  7. Chiara that´s an amazing look!
    Love your shawl as well as your Céline bag. Stunning!

    - Dani

  8. Mirjam says:

    love your flats, your jeans, your nail polish and everything else! :D

  9. Elizabete says:

    Always love your outfits! So chic. Just by looking at the pattern of the shawl, I knew it was one of Missoni's great creations.

  10. s says:

    This Shawl is wonderful … love it ;D

    street style:

  11. cynthiasblog says:

    Quest'outfit è bellissimo! Lo sciallo mi piace moltissimo!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I <3 it

  13. Hihihi…voglia di mare??? Ti aspetto in Sicilia…qui è già estate!!!!
    Lo scialle è favoloso e tu sei bellissima…

    Mi permetto di invitare i tuoi lettori al Giveaway ora sul mio blog:

  14. Chàrmel says:

    Le ballerine e il trio di bracciali dorati/ramati/argentati ecc.. son veramente carini;)

  15. Molto molto carina!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Le stampe Missoni sono senza tempo, splendide!
    Allora dicci: dove andrai al mare? :D

  17. Montse F says:

    Chiara, gorgeous!
    Good set, beautiful colors.

  18. Queen.OnSet says:

    the look is adorable!! I love those colours, especially for summer =))

  19. Martina says:

    Fantastici questi colori!

  20. How do you always manage to find the most beautiful items and style them so well! You look gorgeous yet again, love the bright colours on yoU! Wonderful! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  21. adele says:

    ooooohhhh! love how you paired it with soft colors. <3 btw, love your bag! :)

  22. Chiara says:

    Lo scialle di Missoni è un qualcosa di meraviglioso! :D

  23. Anonymous says:

    Love it sooo much!!!
    you really know how to mix up things!!!
    but tell me how do u manage to overlook all the things, i m sure my wardrobe´s maybe half as big as yours and i m really getting desperate looking for things and also forget most the things i have!!
    do u have a clue for me??
    love, carolin

  24. Zella says:

    i love your lipstick and nail polish!!!
    please tell me what brands and what colours?


  25. Laura says:

    Very happy outfit! Love the flowers at the bottom of the shawl :)

  26. Izaskun says:


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