What a night

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Roberto Cavalli, Paul Smith and Martini, Replay and Jamiroquai.. What do these brands and people have in common? They were all organizing parties yesterday night in Cannes :)
At around 8.30, definitely late, we arrived at the Roberto Cavalli beach party, where we had fun with the Martini guys and La Coacha, who works for Perez Hilton :)
The second party was Paul Smith one organized at Terrazza Martini, where I had the chance to meet the designer in person, have a talk with him and listen to the performance of two french singers, June et Lula.
The third party was Replay, where Jamiroquai were playing live (aaaaaaa). Richi and I were just under the stage, I made wonderful videos (that I’ll upload when i have a normal internet connection), touched jay Kay’s hand (unbelievable!), and I realized It was the first concert I was attending in mini dress and high heels :)
How i love Cannes!
P.S: Since blogger deleted it I reposted my “some of the presents” post :D

Roberto Cavalli, Paul Smith e Martini, Replay e Jamiroquai… Cosa hanno in comune questi brand e personaggi? Organizzavano tutti party ieri sera a Cannes :)
Verso le 8.30, decisamente in ritardo, siamo arrivati al party sulla spiaggia di Roberto Cavalli, dove ci siamo divertiti con i ragazzi del team Martini e La Coacha, che lavora per Perez Hilton :)
La seconda festa è stata quella di Paul Smith organizzata in Terrazza Martini, dove ho avuto la possibilità di conoscere lo stilista, fare quattro chiacchiere con lui ed ascoltare la performance di due cantanti francesi, June et Lula.
La terza festa è stata quella di Replay, dove suonavano live i Jamiroquai (aaaaa). Io e Richi eravamo proprio sotto al palco, ho fatto dei video stupendi (che riuscirò a caricare nei prossimi giorni quando avrò una connessione decente), stretto la mano a Jay Kay (assurdo!), e ho realizzato che effettivamente era il primo concerto a cui assistevo in abitino e tacchi altissimi :)
Quanto adoro Cannes!
P.S: Visto che blogger l’ha cancellato, ho ripubblicato il post sui miei regali del compleanno :D

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DSC_0203 copia
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Roberto Cavalli party

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DSC_0304 copia

Paul Smith and Martini party

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DSC_0543 copia
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DSC_0382 copia
DSC_0386 copia

Replay party with Jamiroquai

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I was wearing:


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Chiara Ferragni

239 Responses to What a night

  1. Steph says:

    Sounds like such a magical magical night!!
    You looked absolutely stunning Chiara!

    Steph Yt
    A Fashion & Lifestyle Photography Blog: Ginger and Lace

  2. Sassi says:

    you looked so lovely! perfect outfit.

  3. simo says:

    fa vo lo sa!

  4. Wow, great outfit and super cool shoes!! :D


  5. Bellissimi i tacchi !!!!!!!!!!!!!….
    Mi piacciono tanto…
    Bacci da Buenos Aires!


  6. SWL says:

    I love you shoes. they are like dream ;)


  7. Anonymous says:


  8. Alicia says:

    Omg if this isn't the perfect night out, I don't know what is! AMAZING! You look gorgeous in that dress & those shoes are to die for!



  9. Anna! says:

    splendida davvero! non so come tu possa aver partecipato ad un concerto con dei tacchi altissimi XD
    sembri una vera diva!

  10. ???? says:

    just one word: perfect!!
    I love this look! So natural, gentle and chic!

  11. Anna says:

    Adoro Jamiroquai…………………….

    Che carine le scarpe….

    Che ne pensi del mio nuovo outfit e del mio nuovo cappell0oooooooo….love it!?????????'

  12. Syrious says:

    mi piace molto l'outfit!!
    le scarpe sono molto belle!
    ammazza quante esperienze stai facendo a Cannes!!
    complimenti!!! :D

    Syriously in Fashion

  13. scarpe F A V O L O S E

  14. Love the dress and your beautiful shoes :) ?

  15. DIVA , perfect outfit and shoes are wonderful! !

    Pink Kisses :*


  16. Aurélie. says:

    Nice shoesssssssssssss!!!



  17. Anonymous says:

    Avrei tolto quella roba dal polso destro… Vabbè che l'orologio è di Hermes, ma non sta bene, specialmente con gli altri accessori.

  18. Emily says:

    Gorgeous, what amazing shoes!


  19. le scarpe sono fantastiche…!!!
    beautiful shoes!

    I will reveal some of my shoes collection on thesecretclosetuk.blogspot.com soon!
    Presto rivelero' la mia collezione di scarpe sul mio blog thesecretclosetuk.blogspot.com!!!

  20. le scarpe sono stupende!

  21. Viktória says:

    u look fantastic! the dress, the shoes, everything is perfect :) and your bf is handsome as always! :p

    Viktória's Style

  22. Domenica says:

    adoro che tu abbia indossato un vestito silvian heach ;) davvero bello!!!!

  23. Looks like a wonderful time, looking beautiful as always!

    ? http://www.blahblahbecky.co.uk

  24. You're so beautiful you're giving me the goosebumps :D

  25. SO cool! Looks amazing! And you dress is stunninG! Gorgeous! Enjoy! XO Raspberry & Rouge


  26. Anonymous says:

    mi piace sopratt le scarpe!:)cmq il tatoo dice ODE ALLA VITA! sono curiosa di sapere come mai questa frase che personalmente trovo bellissima!:)ELISA

  27. Anonymous says:

    cud have done better with the outfit …

  28. Leire says:

    the place is fantastic and your sandals…AMAZING!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Sooo gorgeous!!!
    What a hump!

  30. misha says:

    Those shoes are going to be my new obsession! love

  31. blossomlink says:

    you look amazing!
    what a night!!:)

    Love from Tokyo,


  32. marina says:

    il mio Jason Kay!!! lo adoro!!!! FORTUNATISSIMA!!!!
    carinissimo il vestito e bellissima tu!!!!!!

  33. Rochelle Fox says:

    lovely lady Ive only recently started following you blog and i am loving it i love blogs about peoples day to day lives and exciting adventures loving all your updates from cannes your heels are to die for the whole look is beautiful xx

    ? http://rochellefox.blogspot.com/

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