June beautiful madness

DSC_3387 copia

In the last days I went from a meeting to another one, I gave an exam (hope It went well), and i attended some of the Milan men fashionshows :) Of course I have to run also now, but I leave you with this preview post of what I lived, leaving all my comments and thoughts for the next days :D

Negli ultimi giorni sono corsa da un appuntamento all’altro, ho fatto un esame (speriamo sia andato bene), e ho assistito ad alcune sfilate della settimana della moda uomo a Milano :) Visto che naturalmente devo scappare anche ora vi lascio questo post di preview di quello che ho vissuto, lasciando tutti i miei commenti e pensieri ai prossimi giorni :D

DSC_3035 copia
DSC_3090 copia
DSC_3241 copia
DSC_3268 copia
DSC_3376 copia
DSC_3384 copia
DSC_3395 copia
DSC_3440 copia
DSC_3484 copia
DSC_3558 copia

1. Frankie Morello’s designer entrance at the end of the show
2. Burberry bags at Burberry fashionshow
3. Part of my Saturday outfit
4. The feathers shoes I designed and wore on Saturday (available IN THESE STORES and soon ONLINE HERE)
5. Donatella Versace at the end of Versace fashionshow, who’s gonna be the new H&M designer collaboration (excited)
6 and 7. The handsome Chace Crawford at Versace fashionshow
8. Part of the outfit I wore yesterday for the fashionshows
9. Moschino fashionshow and party at Magazzini Generali
10. Crazy dancers at the Dsquared2 fashionshow this morning


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175 Responses to June beautiful madness

  1. Anonymous says:

    at the Dsquared2 fashionshow it was Ukrainian dancers KAZAKY!!! they are amazing!

  2. Jerald says:

    Great 1 blog site manager triumph website article wonderful sharings in this blog site usually have exciting

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. C. says:

    Nate <3

  5. Wow,You're so lucky!

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anita says:

    OMG Chiara I'm so glad for you!!)
    Chace is so handsome!!!!!love him)))could you send me a piece of him??)))))))))))))

  8. Amazing week indeed! Fashion week is always pure madness so enjoy it to the fullest!


  9. Jules says:

    Ohhh I LOVE Nate!!! <3

    Shoes and Jules

  10. Elena says:

    I love your denim jacket and your shoes :D

    Elena from http://www.likeabirkin.blogspot.com

  11. De Poulet says:

    I need Chace to be my boyfriend! ;) Very pretty. And you look gorgeous too, and I love the feather shoes. Great design!


  12. Anonymous says:

    Oddio ti prego non hai fatto altre foto a quel meraviglioso Chace Crawford?! *___________________*

    Nell'ultima i ballerini di Voguing sono meravigliosiii!

  13. Chace is sooo beautiful. I love your shoes! Donatella's dress was wuite stunning..

  14. Debora says:

    Wonderful pics :D aaah lucky youuu !!
    I love Chace, he's sooooooo beautiful and cute.
    Can't wait for Versace's collection for H&M



  15. Ad says:

    I ballerini di DSquared2 dovrebbero essere i KAZAKY se non sbaglio! Bravissimi :D

  16. Martina says:

    Che bello :) anch'io vorrei essere così impegnata come te!

  17. Anonymous says:

    ei Chiara a quale sfilata hai incontrato Chace Crawford??


  18. s says:

    OMG amazing…. looooooooove

    SALOMÉ'S THOUGHTS: 1rst Summer Day… or NOT!!

  19. valentina says:

    Chace *_*

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