Naked back

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I got this dress last summer and, before some days ago, I had never been able to wear it feeling comfortable with the result. I’ve always thought It was perfect as a night dress to wear with a black top, but everytime I tried to wear it I felt too naked in the back, and the dress had to go back to the wardrobe or to the bag. Last week, in Forte Dei Marmi, I tried to wear it on the beach, matched to a stars bikini and the miracle happened: the green dress finally saw the light. For these shots at the sea I then decided to use it with the naked back, which gave the dress a more scenographic attitude, really cool for photos but definitely less comfortable for everyday life. How would you wear it?

Ho ricevuto questo abito l’estate scorsa e, prima di qualche giorno fa, non ero mai riuscita ad indossarlo ritenendomi soddisfatta del risultato. L’avevo sempre visto come un abito da sera, da indossare con una fascia nera, ma ogni volta che lo provavo mi sentivo sempre troppo scoperta nella parte posteriore, ed il povero abito tornava nell’armadio o nella valigia.
Settimana scorsa, a Forte Dei Marmi, ho provato ad indossarlo per la spiaggia, abbinato ad un bikini a stelline ed il miracolo è avvenuto: il vestito verde ha visto la luce del sole. Per queste scatti in riva al mare ho poi deciso di liberare ulteriormente la schiena, rendendo l’abito molto più scenografico, molto adatto alle fotografie ma ahimè decisamente meno alla vita pratica.
Voi come lo avreste indossato?

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DSC_8983 copia
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Chiara Ferragni

248 Responses to Naked back

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  3. Ida says:

    Beautiful look again! These heels are amazing. I want them…

  4. CarlaStyle says:

    i looove your tatooo

  5. Gorgeous dress! Love it! Could work for a night out as well! XO Rebecca


  6. J. says:

    Oh my God, I love them! Maybe with some belt and a black top it would be good to use it as a night dress too, as you said :)

  7. Ana Ciorici says:

    looks really nice on you :))) you should wear it more often :)))

  8. The last photo looks great! This dress is an art, so it is not for everyday use… It looks better with naked back than wearing it with t-shirt or top… :)

  9. It's such a gorgeous colour. Have you tried it with a white or black tank top underneath? Or over a long sleeve top and leggings for a more casual look?

  10. Sandy ;) says:

    the dress is so cool,i like also the colour ;)

  11. Sofia Burgio says:

    i love the bikini with the stars!! it's from calzedonia right? I was looking for it but was sold out everywhere!
    love your blog!

  12. Laura says:

    Io l'avrei messo con un top a fascia oppure con una canottiera un pò lunghetta unico colore :)

  13. Aricia says:

    Love the color!!!
    Best blog ever!

  14. margherita says:

    BEllo il vestito! (purtroppo però credo possa stare bene solamente a te!!)
    Comunque nel caso si verificasse il miracolo e diventassi 20 cm + alta e qualche kilo di meno lo metterei anch'io con delle infra semplicissime e capelli sciolti, pochi accessori e rigorosamente d giorno…
    Sempre belle le foto!!!


  15. Anonymous says:

    love it ! <3

  16. Lovely !!! You look great in that dress !!! Wish I could get away wearing something like that too !!!

  17. It's a beautiful dress but indeed very difficult to wear just like this in the city. I think you did a great job here.
    For the city I would also suggest pairing it with something black underneath. (maybe with a black body? this way you wouldn't have to worry whether the top sticks out from the back)


  18. Lilli says:

    Very nice!
    Come to check my new post!


  19. giuls says:

    OMG what a strange dress!
    no other way to wear it in the "reality" but for fashion pics it's really scenographic!:)

    bye! Giuls

  20. marial? says:

    i definitely would not wear it, unless is with a top behind, but you rock it, it looks perfect on you!
    My Fashion Bug

  21. Anonymous says:

    Which brand is that star bikini?

  22. NEDA says:

    It exposes the body so beautifully; nudity acts here so artfully, creating a form of art, perfected effortlessley. I do agree that it wouldn't be the best option for casual daywear, however it is possibly the best advantage taken in photos. Beautiful.
    X Neda X


  23. wauw that dress is so gorgeous, love everything about it, the back, the color :)

  24. that is the most BEAUTIFUL dress ever!! you're right, perfect for the beach!
    january, x

  25. sanjella says:

    Wow, your dress is stunning. I also love your jewellery and your tattoos. :)

  26. s says:

    WONDERFUL dress…. beautiful pics ;)


  27. Elodie says:

    I absolutely love this! Would work great with a bikini underneath, but you can pull it off without one! It's the perfect hint of what is underneath the dress, but still is classy in my opinion.


  28. Bianca says:

    Awesome dress!! really sexy!

    You could wear it with a bright colored (neon) bra as well





  29. PaulinaMo says:

    Gorgeous, looks stunning on you… love the flowiness, goes perfect with the beach


  30. Anonymous says:

    In effetti ti do ragione è un pò difficoltoso indossarlo e non rispecchia i miei gusti ma con il tuo fisico è ideale anche con sotto nulla, per chi non è come te,lo vedrei con sotto qualcosa,altrimenti sarebbe immettibile!
    le foto sono come sempre fantastiche!!!

  31. Gina Michele says:

    What a sexy dress!
    You photographed it beautifully.

    ? Gina Michele

  32. Eva says:

    It looks sooo perfect on you! I love this colour :) I think I would wear it only for a photoshoot ;) haha


  33. Miss Molly says:

    it really looks lovely on you. perfect for the beach!


  34. Anonymous says:

    ciao! siamo 5 amiche di milano..seguiamo sempre il tuo blog! il colore dell'abitino è perfetto.. e anche il retro scoperto.. wooow! volevamo chiederti.. visto che l'estate è arrivata e le gambe si scoprono: che metodo di depilazione usi tu?? baciiii :)

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