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img034 copia

Do you remember the Vogue Japan interview I had in Paris in March with Andy and Carolina? Some weeks ago I finally received my paper copy of the June issue of Vogue Japan, with 2 pages dedicated to our interview and to the shows we attended (plus my outfit for the Prada fashionshow), and there also is a photo of our 3 boyfriends together, of course while they all were taking photos of us :D If you’re a fashion blogger boyfriend It’s gonna be a hard life!

Vi ricordate l’intervista a Vogue Japan che ho fatto lo scorso marzo a Parigi insieme a Andy e Carolina?
Qualche settimana fa ho finalmente ricevuto la mia copia di giugno di Vogue Japan, con 2 pagine interamente dedicate alla nostra intervista ed agli show a cui avevamo assistito (più il mio look per la sfilata di Prada), e comprendente anche una foto ai nostri 3 fidanzati insieme, naturalmente mentre ci fotografavano :D E’ dura la vita dei fidanzati delle fashion blogger!

img033 copia
img035 copia

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91 Responses to On Vogue Japan

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  3. hey. you have a pretty good post there mate.

  4. Marta says:

    congratulations on sucha a great feature!you deserve it!



  5. Queen.OnSet says:

    CONGRANTS :) ) jeez, you are lucky to have a boyfriend like this. not all the guys are so nice and patient when it comes to fashion haha :D

  6. PhyPhyKok says:

    WOW! It must be amazing! Congrats!


  7. secondo me hanno preso il tuo outfit peggiore!
    blu-arancione-viola… terribile abbinamento!

  8. What to say???


  9. thats so awesome!! congrats <3

  10. Viktoria says:

    I don't understand anything but it looks awesome and you are pretty as usual ;)

    ps.: love the headband with the shoes on it ;-)


  11. Anonymous says:

    nonostante l'abbinamento blu/arancione/viola faccia accapponare la pelle, ti faccio i miei più sentiti complimenti per essere arrivata fino a qui^^

  12. congrats sweetie!!

    Kisses from Paris



  13. Vasilieva says:

    such an awesome feature, congrats to all of you lovely girls


  14. Giulia says:

    …be io credo che vedere il proprio nome associato a Vogue.. sia una grande soddisfazione, quasi un sogno!



  15. s says:

    great… love ;D


  16. Taylor K says:

    Congrats girl, that's awesome!

  17. Anonymous says:

    did they send you also a english traslation of what they have wrote on the iusse?!? Japanase it's to hard to understand for many of us I think!! ahahahah

  18. Anonymous says:

    Complimenti, è davvero un grande risultato!


  19. Only kind and nice well mannered boyfriends do these kind gestures <3


  20. Anonymous says:

    andy has a boyfriend???

  21. Li says:


  22. Famous in Japan ! very cool !
    love the "boyfriends" photo :)

    my outfits and life in belgium :

  23. Gina Michele says:

    How exciting! Congratulations!!!

    ? Gina Michele

  24. Congrats miss for this good feature!

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