Hello Istanbul


Just landed in Istanbul, checked-in in our hotel and now it’s time to explore this new city… It also is my first time in Asia (for half of the city) :D

Appena atterrata a Istanbul, fatto il check-in in hotel ed ora è tempo di esplorare questa nuova città… E’ anche la mia prima volta in Asia (per metà della città) :D



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Chiara Ferragni

209 Responses to Hello Istanbul

  1. Brittani says:

    Who is that bag by!?

  2. kzlfeza says:

    Dear Chiara,
    Please do not let racist people to leave comment in your blog like Anonymous. We have these lands for thousands of years and there was no Armenian massacre in history, ever never. If we did, there wouldn’t be any armenian in the world now.

  3. Camila says:

    Can anyone help me with this info: this balenciaga bag is mini or normal size ? ; ) thanks !!

  4. .... says:

    respect their culture. don’t be naked!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don't run around to "nude". Different city, different culture. It is a certain respect thing. But do enjoy the trip – amazing city!!!

  6. Anonymous says:


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