Yamamay cutest bikini

Yamamay strange bikini

Photos shot during the boat trip in Turkey, wearing my favourite bikini for this summer, from Yamamay. And talking about Yamamay: I’m so happy to tell you that I’ll soon start a nice collaboration with this brand and there are gonna be lovely surprises for you :)

See you soon for further details!

P.S: I finally published my complete list of 2010 outfits: you can see them on my fanpage CLICKING HERE and HERE :D

Foto scattate durante il giro in caicco in Turchia, indossando quello che probabilmente è il mio bikini preferito dell’estate, di Yamamay. E a proposito di Yamamay: sono molto contenta di potervi dire che presto inizierò una collaborazione con questo brand e ci saranno bellissime sorprese per voi :)

A presto per gli ulteriori dettagli!

P.S: Sono finalmente riuscita a pubblicare la mia lista completa di outfit del 2010: potete vederla sulla mia fanpage CLICCANDO QUI e QUI :D

DSC_8831 copia

DSC_8860 copia

DSC_8903 copia

DSC_8873 copia

DSC_8996 copia

DSC_8943 copia

DSC_9004 copia

DSC_9049 copia




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250 Responses to Yamamay cutest bikini

  1. schelling says:

    la 5a foto è per un dipinto

  2. Laura says:

    Magnifica! E questo bikini e veramente bello.


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  4. Terrific put up admin thank you. I located what i was in search of here. I’ll review total of posts with this day

  5. Gioia says:

    ce l'hooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  6. WOW! I love this bikini! And the color is fantastic :)


  7. serendipity says:

    fantastiche foto :) x caso qualche azienda ha riproposto questo costume?????

  8. Izaskun † says:

    Lovely bikini ?

  9. Adoro questo bikini!! Mi piacciono molto sia il modello sia le sfumature!!

    Books in my bags

  10. chip says:

    Just thinking about Yamamay makes me remember my vacation in Italy last year. I so want to go back.
    I hope we can welcome you to Asia soon!!
    Great post as always.

  11. Elle ? says:

    I remember them from previous post, they are really just perfect!!!


    Elle ?

  12. Wida says:

    This post left me speechless! So adorable!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. DaisyLine says:

    amazing bikini! :)

  15. Annette says:

    the bikini is wonderful suits you so well and is definitely special!

  16. Vicky says:

    Mi piace un sacco… ma non l'ho trovato nei negozi…

    new post: click here
    follow me

  17. STUNNING!!! As if you were a retro movie star on a yacht in St.Tropez… :o )


  18. S says:

    love this bikini! and the first shot is great!



  19. Lizette says:

    Work it girl!! I wish I could wear a bikini like this one, its gorgeous!!
    kisses from Madrid/L.A.

  20. Tomimito says:

    That is indeed the cutest bikini I've seen…. Love!

  21. burcu says:

    Definitely it is so cute and you look great in it.

  22. Modafobik says:

    Amazing trip Chiara!
    Loves from Turkey


  23. Bikini is gorgeous and the earrings also!!! <3

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  24. Elena Leder says:

    stupendo costume!!!


  25. Aurélie says:

    Woaw!!! This bikini is amazing !

  26. Sofiina says:

    Lovely pictures! Nice and different bikinis :D

  27. marcella says:

    it's great bikini, and I like your tattoo

  28. Beatriz M. says:

    so special, look adorable!

  29. great pictures. And the bikini is gorgeous.

  30. Very special bikini , love the shape and bright colors !

    new outfit post : my boots for fall

  31. Miri says:

    Love it – the colors and cut are perfect!

    Miri's Castle

  32. The pictures are amazing!! These bikini are really the cutest!!!! You look sooo beautiful, sexy and fancy at the same time!! I guess that the earrings are this special touch :) )


  33. Syrious says:

    decisamente STUPENDO! l'ho notato subito questo costume e ti lasciai il commento :D davvero molto bello con questo particolare intreccio! :D

    Syriously in Fashion
    Syriously Facebook Page
    New Giveaway:create your Sunglasses

  34. Carooline says:

    You look amazing & your skin is perfect.
    :) Have a nice day !

  35. that suit is amazing! i also like your tats AND wish i was on that boat right now xxo

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