Day 3 of New York Mercedes-Benz fashionweek

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My third day of New York Mercedes-Benz fashionweek was the less busy one: I had only one fashionshow planned, a meeting and the Fashiolista party (while today I’m gonna have 5 fashionshows and the Teen Vogue conference).
I enjoyed Rebecca Minkoff fashionshow much more than last season, and most of the items were really my cup of tea, confirming some winter trends also for next season: neon and fluo colours, snake prints, lace mixed to a more aggressive look and long transparent dresses. So nice to see Man Repeller on the catwalk with the iphone in one hand, it’s always so interesting to see how some brands are so blogger-friendly :)
For my outfit of the day I went for silver, creating a mix between the skirt, the Alexander Wang sandals (which arrived in Milan just in time for New York fw), McQueen clutch (with the incorporated silver glove) and the white shirt, definitely the must-have of every trip.
After the meeting I changed shoes (during fw season flats always have to be in my bag) and Angie and I relaxed some hours at Central Park, before going to the Fashiolista party where I saw a lot of blogger-friends and I also finally met in person Shea Marie :) Official photos will arrive soon!
Have a great day!

Il terzo giorno della Mercedes-Benz fashionweek di New York è stato sicuramente quello più tranquillo: in programma avevo solo una sfilata, un meeting ed il party di Fashiolista, (mentre oggi mi aspettano 5 diverse sfilate e la conferenza di Teen Vogue).
La sfilata di Rebecca Minkoff mi è piaciuta molto di più di quella di febbraio, e la maggior parte dei capi incontravano il mio gusto personale, confermando alcuni trend invernali anche per la prossima stagione: colori fluo e neon,giacche pitonate, pizzo abbinato in maniera più aggressiva e lunghissimi abiti con giochi di trasparenze. Bellissimo poi vedere Man Repeller in passerella con iphone in mano, è sempre interessante quanto alcuni marchi siano particolarmente blogger-friendly :)
Per il mio outfit del giorno ho puntato tutto sull’argentato, creando un mix tra la gonna, le scarpe di Alexander Wang (che sono arrivate a Milano appena in tempo per la partenza), la clutch di McQueen con guanto incorporato e la camicia bianca, assoluto must-have di qualsiasi viaggio.
Dopo il meeting mi sono cambiata scarpe (durante le settimane della moda le ballerine devono essere sempre in borsa) ed io e Angie ci siamo rilassati alcune ore a Central Park, prima di avviarci verso il party di Fashiolista dove ho rivisto molte amiche-blogger ed ho finalmente incontrato di persona Shea Marie :) Le foto ufficiali arriveranno presto!
Buona giornata!


DSC_2928 copia
DSC_2933 copia
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DSC_2953 copia
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I was wearing:


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Chiara Ferragni

192 Responses to Day 3 of New York Mercedes-Benz fashionweek

  1. Anonymous says:

    loveeee this outfit

  2. I hope you don’t mind me stopping by and thanking you for the blog post – it really helped

  3. katalog www says:

    Hiya! Fantastic blog! I happen to be a daily visitor to your site (somewhat more like addict ) of this website. Just wanted to say I appreciate your blogs and am looking forward for more to come!

  4. ELISA TAVITI says:


    LOVE ELISA from My Fantabulous World

  5. Rafa R K says:

    Looove NY!!!
    And love your pictures!!!! :)
    Hope one day Rio de Janeiro get to have you here :)


  6. Lisa Maria says:

    le scarpe sono favolose!

  7. Miss Molly says:

    amazing as always girl! looks like you having an amazing time!



  8. Wow!!! I love the grey/silver shades in your outfit!!!

  9. Love your silver skirt and especially those heels!!!!

    J. Crew giveaway on my blog!

  10. you look amazing Chiara! i love this polished chic look! Great shoes!


    Fashion Fractions

  11. Silvia says:

    Love this postcards from NYC, waiting every day to receive them! your clutch-glove is beautiful.


  12. M.E says:

    great outfit! and the AW heels are fab!


  13. Gorgeous shoes and skirt!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  14. Nafissa says:

    Love Your Skirt Have a great Time There !



  15. Barbs says:

    I'm confused. Isn't fashion week showing Spring/Summer 2012? You talk about Winter trends!?

  16. miikax3 says:

    i love your outfit so much! fantastic shoes :)


  17. Vale says:

    chiaraaaaa il tuo blog è una drogaaa, una volta che ci entri , hai voglia di curiosare ogni giorno <3 un bacio e continua così se ti và passa a trovarmi!

  18. Syrious says:

    bello mi piace!
    le scarpe però non mi piacciono molto!
    la gonna è veramente bella!!!

    Syriously in Fashion
    Syriously Facebook Page

  19. In love with your sunglasses! Perfect look!

  20. Très jolies photos !
    J'aime beaucoup toutes ces pièces argentés !

  21. Chiara
    Chiara says:

    Thanks a lot people :D
    Barbs I was saying that some winter trends will still be very fashionable for spring/summer season!

  22. Love your 'silver shiny look'! Very luminous and elegant!

  23. federica R. says:

    belle le foto della prima sfilata!
    il guanto non mi convince :S


  24. Manding. says:

    LOVE how your skirt is from Zara. Love the cut of it.

    also, love this show. LOVE that cropped lace top with those coral-ish pants. a+ !

    ps, http://amandamantes.blogspot.com !

  25. Fashionian says:

    Perfect look Chiara as usual! I wanna these superduber shoes :)

  26. Pedro Fanti says:

    i love the outfit, specially the gloves and clutch. but i absolutely despise strappy sandals D= would be perfect with some heavier shoe. <3

  27. Sam & Nika says:

    The Alexander Wangs look sóóó uncomfortable

  28. L'art says:

    I like your outfit, nice combination, but heels are totally rockin'!!

  29. Love this look… Silver is your color definitely!!!


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