All my fashionweek looks


After a month I spent from New York to London, Milan and Paris for the different fashionweeks I couldn’t avoid posting all the looks I wore together in one post. Which is the city in which I gave my best to you? Which is your favourite outfit? Try to guess mine..

Dopo il mese passato in giro tra New York, Londra, Milano e Parigi per le varie settimane della moda non potevo non pubblicare una raccolta di tutti i look che ho indossato nelle varie città. In quale città ho dato il meglio secondo voi? Qual è il vostro outfit preferito in assoluto? Indovinate il mio…


DSC_2260 copia
DSC_2810 copia
DSC_3030 copia
DSC_3502 copia
DSC_4284 copia
DSC_4753 copia


DSC_5052 copia
DSC_5149 copia
After Burberry Prorsum


_MG_1410 copia
_DAN9361 copia
_MG_3481 copia
DSC_7111 copia
DSC_8048 copia
_MG_6081 copia


DSC_8829 copia
DSC_9141 copia
DSC_9381 copia
DSC_0441 copia
_MG_3762 copia

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Chiara Ferragni

311 Responses to All my fashionweek looks

  1. Paris !!! The most elegant looks at all!

  2. I like the outfits from London the best ! They are just stunning :)

    xx Julia


  3. Alicia says:

    Chiara a me piace nel 90% dei tuoi look, in questo post.
    Ma d’altronde tu sei così raggiante ed elegante che ti sta davvero bene tutto.
    Sei unica!!


  4. amam says:

    milan is probably the best. but i love your looks from paris too.

  5. Michela says:

    Complessivamente direi Milano!

  6. tangoella says:

    Love these looks and photos. Thank you for sharing. Your outfits are fun and sexy which are why we love fashion!!!
    Stop by http://tangoella.blogspot.com

  7. andrea says:

    you have an awsome taste!! I am a hudge fan of your site!! Hi from Honduras
    all your fashion week looks are gorgeous !!!

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  9. Fabiola González says:

    Your NY looks were to die for! Wow!

  10. Monika says:

    Everything is really great. I cannot say, in what I prefer to see you. You look perfect in all creations :)

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