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I inherited most of my passions from my mum: the ones we have in common are fashion, trips and photography. Some weeks ago I convinced my mum, who already used to upload her reportage on flickr to open a travel blog with all the photos she takes: here for you The Travel Passion. Say hello to her :D
Good luck mum, welcome to the blogging world!

La maggior parte delle mie passioni le ho ereditate da mia madre: quelle che più ci accomunano sono la moda, i viaggi e la fotografia. Qualche settimana fa ho convinto mia mamma, che già pubblicava i suoi reportage su flickr, ad aprire un blog sui suoi viaggi con tutte le foto che ha scattato: ecco quindi a voi The Travel Passion. Datele un caloroso benvenuto :D
In bocca al lupo mum, benvenuta nel blogging world!


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Chiara Ferragni

107 Responses to Welcome to The Travel Passion

  1. Mara? says:

    Proprio stupende queste foto!
    In bocca al lupo a tua mamma, ora passo a visitare il suo blog!

    Xoxo Mara

  2. Clémentine says:

    Her photos are really beautiful. Good luck to her!

  3. Mfe says:

    good luck to youn mum Chiara!!!!!

  4. pipa says:

    Wow,great pics!

  5. this is really great!!! and you both look so much alike!! love it when parents join in on facebook, twitter and making their own blogs :)))
    i inherited my language-talents from my mom ^^

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