27th December 2011


Would you ever say this photo was shot this morning, the 27th December? Here is the first wonderful thing about Dubai that I discovered: the weather! I was wearing a Werelse travelkit tshirt and a bikini :)
Wait for a super long post tomorrow.. Getting ready to go out for dinner!

Direste mai che questa foto è stata scattata questa mattina, il 27 dicembre? Ecco la prima meraviglia di Dubai che ho scoperto: il clima! Indossavo la tshirt travelkit di Werelse ed un bikini :)
Domani aspettatevi un post interminabile.. Mi sto preparando per uscire a cena!


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Chiara Ferragni

167 Responses to 27th December 2011

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  2. URL says:

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  3. A says:

    You look stunning! So fresh, young and beautiful!


  4. Déborah says:

    Luky girl! In France it's cold! Kisses.

  5. Unbelivable!!!! I wanna be there too :)) Perfect!!


  6. Laura. says:

    beautiful!: )
    I´m so excited for the tomorrow´s long post!
    ? have a great evening!

  7. Jessica says:

    Wow, lovely picture! You look really nice in that photo :) The beach is beautiful!
    Hope you have a good time in Dubai :)


  8. Giedre says:

    i would! :D


  9. Liliana says:


  10. che meraviglia!!!!
    Vorrei essere anche io in un posto del genere!!!
    Almeno nevicasse qui in Italia! il freddo senza neve è solo freddo.
    Un abbraccio e buona vacanza
    un saluto anche a Richi


  11. Gintonic says:

    fantastico! ti invidio un po'… baci :)

  12. Noelle says:

    For dinner try Zuma or Caramel :)

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