Alexander McQueen dress


A first bite of one of the looks I chose to wear during Luisaviaroma stylelab: a long Alexander McQueen dress you probably remember (with some different details) from a royal wedding..

Un primo assaggio di uno dei look che ho scelto di indossare durante lo stylelab di Luisaviaroma: un vestito lungo di Alexander McQueen che sicuramente vi ricorderete (leggermente diverso) da un certo matrimonio reale..

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340 Responses to Alexander McQueen dress

  1. Adele says:

    Ho sempre desiderato vederti un McQueen addosso, stai veramente bene!

  2. Anonymous says:

    divinaaaaaaaa!!! con un rossetto rosa ancora meglio

  3. sagit says:

    Straight to wedding :)
    Your’e gorgeous !
    Xoxo, Saga ♥

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pippa's dress!

  5. Lippylash says:

    You look gorgeous!!!!!!! Love that dress it is the perfect dress, classy, elegant and sophisticated

  6. Karen Ussene says:

    aaaaaaah *gasp* :O

  7. Lady-Pa says:

    i love this dress on you



  8. civciv says:

    Wow, Love it <3333

  9. Oehlala!!! Love it. So timeless and beautiful!!

  10. R says:

    Wow ! Love it !!

    I found where to get it, here :

  11. Anonymous says:


  12. modelovers says:

    Oh really really great! I love this dress!!!


  13. Anonymous says:

    Bellissimaaaaa O.O ma dove vai cosi meravigliosa Chiara? complimenti…un raggio di sole :D

  14. Anonymous says:

    le labbra nude ti stanno STRAMALE con questo abito che, invece, ti sta proprio bene :) bella silhouette!

  15. That dress is THE statement dress of 2011!

    Monochrome Magpie

  16. Miss Molly says:

    incredible Chiara! cannot wait to see the rest!

  17. Mona M. says:

    you look so much better in this dress!! I love it <3

  18. Wooow this dress is stunning! Love it.

  19. Arnold Teja says:


  20. Lucy Pilz says:

    Ohh i want i want i want!

    Luc X

  21. Ms Jelena says:

    Stunning!!!!! I knew it looked familiar :)

  22. Sandra says:

    Wow, now you can merry Richi! :D

  23. Kris says:

    Pippa's dress! Soooo nice!!! :)

    hugs from Prague

  24. Nicoletta says:

    You look stunning !

  25. Anonymous says:

    quello di pippa??

  26. Marta says:

    we need look from the back xD
    when pippa whore that dress i tought it was nothing special, but on you really really really looks amazing, and you are gorgeous :)

  27. PhyPhyKok says:

    OMG… You look stunning in that dress! :) ENVY!

  28. Ilaria says:


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