Shoes in Berlin + Hugo Boss streaming


Almost ready for Hugo Boss fashionshow: it looks like the code for the blog is not working, but you can see the streaming on Hugo Boss website from 1.30. Enjoy it!
P.S: Which is your favourite pair of shoes among the ones I brought with me in Berlin?
Read also my post about Bread&Butter from this morning ;)

Quasi pronta per la sfilata di Hugo Boss: sembra che il codice per il mio blog non funzioni, ma potete vedere lo streaming sul sito di Hugo Boss a partire dall’1.30. Buona visione!
P.S: Qual è il vostro paio di scarpe preferite tra quelle che ho portato con me a Berlino?
Date un’occhiata anche al mio post sul Bread&Butter di stamattina ;)

From the left: Chiara Ferragni biker boots, Isabel Marant sneakers and Burberry Prorsum creepers

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Chiara Ferragni

137 Responses to Shoes in Berlin + Hugo Boss streaming

  1. Interesting discussion. For my needs the HTC EVO shall be sufficiently future-proofed, particularly given that I now have a Motorola i580 which is off-contract with Sprint/Nextel. (My calling plan is grandfathered; Sprint doesn’t offer 200 minute plans any more, and on average I use 80 minutes per month.) Of course it’s Fred Flintstone’s dumb phone, but I always a) go a long way between upgrades and b) buy up to a certain sturdy level of quality. I do my research, and I don’t suffer from buyer’s remorse. By late March I’ll probably be attached to Facebook by the hip, even if it becomes like unto Geocities and FidoNet within the year. All I really need is telephony, Internet access, and a shitty camera for insurance eventualities, savvy? I.e., something that’ll still be chugging along in whatever ecosystem develops.

  2. - says:

    wanna be you.

  3. bni niu says:

    Gucci???????????????! GUCCI/?????????? !!??? ???!???????Gucci??????Gucci ???????????????????????????????????????!

  4. Ms Jelena says:

    I'm loving the pair in the middle!

    Love the accessories as well!



  5. B.C. Pham says:

    I like your Chanel Mini :-)

  6. Love all the pairs, but I think the pair on the right side's my favourite:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  7. Le tue!!!!!! :D
    un abbraccio

  8. F says:

    preferisco quelle a destra! buona sfilata! ^^

  9. Nolita says:

    Burberry Prorsum creepers are my favorites!


  10. Nevena says:

    Isabel Marant!

  11. Daisy says:

    I love the biker boots.

  12. madstyling says:

    Isabel Marant!!!!! :)
    Have fun @ Hugo Boss's show!
    xo Madeleine

  13. Love them all! Especially the studded boots!


  14. Camilla says:

    Love the pair of shoes to the right!
    and all the accessories as well.



  15. Rockygirl says:

    I prefer the boots on the left !


  16. Deborah says:

    i tuoi biker boots!! io li adoro!! buona sfilata chiara :)

  17. ah great! I can't wait for the Hugo Boss streaming!
    xxx Anita

  18. Your biker boots! Love them:)

    xx Laura

  19. i still can't stand the isabel marant sneakers!!! ^^ so the boots from your collection are perfect for the stay in berlin!! and i love the accessoires, the hermes bracelet & the ysl ring – simply gorgeous!!! :)

  20. Jennifer D. says:

    So you have shoes, jewelry, a chanel bag and … candy?:D So funny, it's like it secretely crawled on the box to be in the picture.
    Can't decide which shoes I love the most… It's like chosing between beautiful and very beautiful.

    Have fun in Berlin!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Burberry Prorsum creepers!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Yellow Tete says:

    The one I like more are your biker boots!!

  23. denise says:

    i tuoi biker boots.
    sono per la comodita:)

  24. Mfe says:

    i love the marant ones and i can't find them anywhere!!! have fun today!!xxx

  25. Konwalia says:

    of course your biker boots!

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