Arabic name ring and necklace


I’ve always had a crush on customized items, especially jewels. Thanks to a follower of the blog from Dubai, Hamda (that I met when I was there in December) I received a golden ring and necklace, with my name written in arabic. You’ve already seen the ring in some of my outfit posts from Milan fashionweek: they’re both so beautiful It’s hard for me not to wear them everyday :) Thanks again Hamda!
P.S: I often wear the ring the opposite way, sorry about that!

Ho sempre avuto un debole per i capi personalizzati, per non parlare dei gioielli. Grazie ad una delle mie follower di Dubai, Hamda (che avevo incontrato durante la mia vacanza a dicembre) ho ricevuto un anello ed una collanina, entrambe d’oro, con il mio nome in arabo. Avete giĆ  visto l’anello in alcuni post di outfit della settimana della moda: sono cosi belli che faccio fatica a non indossarli sempre :) Grazie ancora Hamda!
P.S: Spesso mi capita di indossare l’anello nel verso opposto, perdonatemi!


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Chiara Ferragni

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  1. Nikki says:

    Do you mind to tell me the name of the shop for making Arabian Ring and Necklace?
    I am planning to visit Dubai this month.
    I will be appreciate if you can tell me where is the shop.
    Many thanks!

  2. I seriously appreciate your content of your blogs, they are wonderful in content, beautiful in pics and useful of ways.

  3. Madam Chic says:

    look cool !!

    please visit my blog!


  4. Natali says:

    Very interesting and unique ring and bracelet!


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