Snow on our terrace


When you wake up and you discover that, for the first time since you’ve lived in the new appartment, the terrace is completely covered by snow the options are two: looking at the result from the window or playing snowballs with boyfriend and doggie. And of course shooting some photos as a good blogger would do. Which option do you think I chose?
P.S: The original look should have been with different shoes and wearing tights but, for 10 minutes in the terrace, I prefered avoiding them: is this part of the fashion blogger syndrome as well?
P.P.S: Do I look like a maniac in the first photo?

Quando ti svegli e scopri che, per la prima volta da quando abiti nella tuo nuovo appartamento, la terrazza รจ completamente ricoperta di neve le opzioni sono due: guardare il risultato compiaciuta dalla finestra o fare a palle di neve con fidanzato e cagnolina. E naturalmente scattare qualche foto per documentare il tutto da brava blogger. Indovinate quale opzione ho scelto?
P.S: Il look originale prevedeva scarpe diverse e soprattutto collants ma, per stare 10 minuti in terrazza, ho preferito evitarle: anche questo fa parte della sindrome da fashion blogger?
P.P.S: Sembro una maniaca nella prima foto?


I was wearing:

BURBERRY RAINBOOTS (or should I call them snowboots?)

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262 Responses to Snow on our terrace

  1. Maria says:

    Hello Chiara,
    I Like your dress and your boots, but I love the last photo. Matilda is fantastic fighting with snow. Ah, her dress is marvellouse. My dog (Boby) wouldn’t like it.
    Grazie mille

  2. We're also having a lot of snow here! Everything looks so romantic!:D

    Beautiful dress, by the way!!:D


    Mia's Little Corner

  3. StyleFax says:

    Wow!That's amazing..It snowed also here in Athens!

    Love your outfit and Matilda's outfit!
    The last photo is awesome!!

    Please take a look a my blog..
    you may love it..

    there's a giveaway and a special coupon to each of you..

    Kisses :)

  4. Elle ? says:

    haha, funny pictures :D We have about one meter of snow in front of our house now, but I somehow prefer to stay behind the window :D


    Elle ?

  5. Giada says:

    The last photo of Mathilda is absolutely fantastic!!! Uhm, I don't know is she likes snow or not…. ;p

  6. Never thought that it can snow in Milan! Here in Munich it's freezing!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  7. nadide says:

    You dog looks so cute in the last picture :) Matilda's face is like a human over there :) )

  8. Styleclouds says:

    Amazing photos! Your terrace is really something!! :-) Love the look! xo, Christina

  9. Becky says:

    wonderful pictures, I love the dress and the boots. I'm looking for boots like these for such a long time :D


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