Tattoo with my sisters


Yesterday morning I decided to get my 5th small tattoo, this time together with my two sisters Francesca and Valentina. We all got a small triangle, divided in three other triangles inside, symbolizing our blood ties.
Like it or not?

Ieri mattina mi sono decisa a fare il mio quinto (e piccolo) tatuaggio, questa volta insieme alle mie due sorelline Francesca e Valentina. Ci siamo tatuate tutte e tre un piccolo triangolo, diviso al suo interno in altri tre triangoli, simbolo del nostro legame.
Like it or not?


I was wearing:



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  1. Tattoo with my sisters | The Blonde Salad

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  4. Katsy says:

    The Ferragni sisters inherited good genes! You all look beautiful. That MSGM neon dress also looks pretty amazing! ?

  5. I love it! So cute. I wish my sisters would do something like that with me. Unfortunately I think they're all a little too afraid of tats.


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