New Chicisimo Chiaraflowers for May


You all remember about the times I talked you about CHICISIMO… In addition to publish your looks, get popular and become “Top Fashionista” of the brands you wear the most (how cool is that?), you now also have the chance to receive a “ChiaraFlower”: a flower/award that I’ll give to three different people each month whose looks particularly caught my attention. So many of you linked me their profiles for the 7th edition of the Chiaraflowers (keep doing it, I feel so inspired), and these are my choices for May:

Ormai tutte vi ricorderete delle volte in cui vi ho parlato di CHICISIMO… Oltre a pubblicare i vostri outfit, essere conosciuti grazie ai vostri look e diventare “Top Fashionista” dei brand che indossate più spesso, avete ora la possibilità di ricevere un “ChiaraFlower”: un fiore/premio virtuale che assegnerò ogni mese ad almeno tre persone diverse i cui look mi hanno colpita particolarmente.
Tantissimi di voi mi hanno linkato il proprio profilo per la settima edizione dei Chiaraflowers (mi raccomando continuate a farlo), queste sono le mie scelte per il mese di Maggio:

The first flower goes to The midnight blues for her look “Valentino”

Il primo fiore va a The midnight blues per il suo look “Valentino”


The second flower goes to Manon for her look “Corail pants”

Il secondo fiore va a Manon per il suo look “Corail pants”


The third flower goes to Melina for her look “The parrot”

Il terzo fiore va a Melina per il suo look “The parrot”


Which of the 3 do you prefer? Which one is more similar to your style?
Let me know what you think, you can find my profile HERE.
If you’re members share with me your favourite looks on the post, I really care about them for the next “ChiaraFlowers”.
Thanks a lot and big thanks to Chicisimo :)

Qual è il vostro preferito dei 3? Quale stile vi si addice maggiormente?
Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate, potete trovare il mio profilo QUI.
Se siete membri segnalatemi anche qui i vostri look preferiti che avete pubblicato, mi interessano molto per l’assegnazione dei futuri “ChiaraFlowers”.
Grazie a voi e grazie a Chicisimo :)


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147 Responses to New Chicisimo Chiaraflowers for May

  1. from armani to zurich says:

    every single one is gorgeous!! :) )) go and have a look on our blog:

  2. Ciao Chiara!

    I really hope you’re still doing the Chicisimo Chiaraflower contest as I’m new on Chicisimo!

    Here is my Chicisimo profile:


  3. Diana Cunha says:

    Hi Chiara! What an experience going to Uganda! You are so lucky! I hope you know that!

    Here is one of my looks from Chicisimo!

    Hope you like it!

  4. Raquel says:

    Here is my Chicisimo profile, it would be fantastic if you look some of my outfits…


  5. StyleFax says:

    These girls are so gorgeous…

    take a look!! follow me

  6. they all look lovely, but the I love the first look :)

    x For Happy Days

  7. bellissimi outfit, am il primo è decisamente il mio preferito!! un bacione

  8. Great choice! :) Love the coral pants and the valentino shoes!

    The White Studio

  9. Natali says:

    First and last girls are just amazing! So stylish!

  10. freddy says:

    Great choises

  11. Arašídová says:

    the parrot is the best :) the headband looks so natural on her, she's lucky

  12. Christine says:


  13. WNY says:

    I love the first look! Most similar to my style!

  14. Madam Chic says:

    Love those looks!! My fav one is third photo (:

    Please visit my blog!

  15. Ciao Chiara, mi piacerebbe mostrarti un completo vintage di MILA SCHÖN che ho indossato su Chicisimo, metto qui sotto il link, spero ti piaccia!

  16. Tutti bellissimi look ma il mio preferito è assolutamente il primo perchè AMO le camicie *_* Questa è stupenda, credo proprio che sia di Zara, l'ho vista ieri e volevo proprio prenderla! Presto sarà mia :)

  17. Love the 'Valentino' look. Beautiful shoes and bag! X

  18. silvia says:

    Mi piace l'ultima!



  19. WOWS says:


    I love jeans with heels…but also shorts with heels. I'm going to choose the first one.

    I love The midnight blues heels and she also supported me to win a Chicisimo contest in Spain!

    This is my Chicisimo profile:

    ?????? ??????

  20. EMA says:

    Very cool! I love the first look because there is an undeniable vintage feel to it, but it still looks very modern.

  21. Anonymous says:

    the second outfit is my favourite

  22. All 3 looks are really cool, but I think I like the 1st most!

  23. Anonymous says:

    The third outfit is my favourite.
    Congrat. for your blog…..

  24. Like the first one!! Then the third!!



  25. Wonderful looks all three – but my favorite is #3… looks most self confident with her style!


    Van – / Bloglovin / Facebook / Instagram

  26. I love the second one, very sport, casual and cozy!

    I haven't to created my chicismo account yet, I should do that!

  27. Kalina says:

    great looks!

  28. Unknown says:

    a me sembra che tutte copino il tuo look…tutte e tre hanno riproposto dei tuoi outfit..non ci vedo originalità.
    non dico che non siano belli, lo sono, ma niente di nuovo ecco…

  29. Suzie Q says:

    All of those girls have beautiful styling! Love that they all have a loose white blouse, so chic.

    Suzie Q

  30. Chiara says:

    Il terzo look è davvero originale!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Thats cool choise!


  32. Lubna says:

    I actually like the outfits you chose, very pretty :) My favorite is the coral pants one :D


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