Happy second birthday to Matilda!

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that, from yesterday night and for only 24 hours, I’m in Puglia for a project I will be able to reveal in some months.. I want to say thank you for all the advice I’ve been receiving, I wish I could have the time to follow them all!
This post is indeed dedicated to my little monster Matilda: today she turns 2 years old and I love her so much!
Happy birthday sweet love!

Chi mi segue su Instagram saprà già che sono da ieri sera e solo per 24 ore (sfortunatamente) sono nella bellissima Puglia per un progetto che vi potrò svelare tra qualche mese.. Innanzitutto grazie a tutti per gli ottimi consigli, vorrei avere il tempo di seguirli tutti quanti!
Questo post è invece dedicato alla mia mostriciattola Matilda: oggi è il suo secondo compleanno ed io la amo tremendamente!
Auguri patatina!

In the first picture I was wearing:


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Chiara Ferragni

166 Responses to Happy second birthday to Matilda!

  1. anna says:

    Auguri … bellissima! Signore te benidica con molto i amore i salute!!

  2. Julie M says:

    I love that it looks like that Matilda has a heart shaped tongue on the last photo!


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  4. TiranaAduka says:

    happy birthday!
    sorry late….

    From TiranaAduka…..: Darjah satu Merah – Sek.Ren.Keb..

    From TiranaAduka…..: Bila diri Tirana Dicintai….tanpa ku sedari

  5. Caro* says:

    Happy birthday Matilda, it is so cute :)

  6. Mitha Komala says:

    happy birthday to the cutest Matilda ! :D

    Letters To Juliet

  7. Tali says:

       Adorable doggy! Happy birthday, li’l furry =)


  8. MTC says:

    why i cannot see the “LOOKS”in your blog??

  9. Angie says:

    Cute!!!! I love her crusin in your basket!

    (\ /)
    ( . .)
    c(”)(”) http://www.bunnymysweet.com

  10. Marleen says:

    Happy birthday with Matilda, she is so cute;)



    Style Route

  11. cassie d says:

    SO cute! I’m on a bike today too!

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