Can’t wait for Brazil


October will be a frenetic month and I will travel a lot: today I’m leaving for Paris fashionweek, then I will be working in Ibiza, in Paris again and probably also in another place..
At the end of October I will also go to a country I’ve never been before: Brazil! My collaboration with Luiza Barcelos goes on, and I will spend ten days between Rio, São Paulo and Belo Horizonte :)
This is one of the looks shot by Richie for the lookbook of the brazilian brand!
Eu mal posso esperar por esta viagem!

Ottobre sarà un mese frenetico e sempre in viaggio: oggi parto per la fashionweek parigina, sarò poi per lavoro ad Ibiza, di nuovo a Parigi e probabilmente anche altrove..
A fine Ottobre partirò poi per un paese in cui non sono mai stata prima d’ora: il Brasile! Continua infatti la mia collaborazione con Luiza Barcelos, e passerò una decina di giorni tra Rio, São Paulo e Belo Horizonte :)
Questo uno dei look scattati da Richi per il lookbook del brand brasiliano!
Eu mal posso esperar por esta viagem!


I was wearing:

LEATHER SHORTS thanks to Storets.com

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Chiara Ferragni

293 Responses to Can’t wait for Brazil

  1. Hi, great article it’s exactly the point

  2. Alle Clz says:

    owwnn, que legal. tbm mal posso esperar.

    queria muito poder viajar para estes estados, mas trabalho x/

    meninas, visitem meu blog http://bloggarotabonita.wordpress.com/

  3. Anaíza says:

    Hey Chiara you’re going to be so welcome here!!! I’m such a big fan of you and i’m brazilian, can’t wait to see what you’re going to say about our contry!!!! i love u and this notice :))

  4. OMG! *-*
    que perfeito, você vai vir pro Brasil! *-*

  5. Debora says:

    Ciao Chiara,

    Sono Brasiliana e sono davvero contenta che sarai in mio paese.
    Purtroppo abbito a Curitiba, un po´ lontano da São Paulo, Rio e Belo Horizonte… :(
    Sono sicura che ti piaccerá tanto il Brasile e devi tornate altre volte perché qui ci sono tanti belli posti per conoscere!
    Auguri per il blog e ti desidero tanto successo!!

  6. Natalie says:

    Congratulations Chiara!

    Brasil is very beautiful country! I’m sure I’ll have a very good time!

    With all regards!

  7. Chiara, Brasil loves you! You have so many fans! You should have a meet greet. :)

  8. shirley says:

    The way she said is rigth ! :)) Quem fala portugues não terá nenhum problema em entender :))


  9. Lucilene Nascimento Da Silva says:

    Seja bem vinda ao Brasil !!

  10. Mariana says:

    Chiara, you’ll love brazil, but be aware in rio, the place is so dirty , stinks and its very dangerous.
    Keep yourself safe in SP and BH, but keep in mind that in rio you’ll only find barbarity. I MEAN IT.

  11. Helen says:

    Fico feliz que virá ao meu país, sou leitora do blog e adoro!
    Pena que não passará pelo meu estado que é o Rio Grande Do Sul, sou prima do Thiago Nunes Barcelos que é brasileiro e mora na Itália, talvez você conheça já que ele faz alguns comerciais.
    Abraços e seja muito bem recebida!

  12. Your bracelet is so good. And I love the pleather shorts! The cut outs are so cute.


  13. Alice Mirta says:

    Chiara se vai in Brasile devi assolutamente visitare Jericoacora nello stato del Cearà non lontano da Fortaleza…il paradiso dei surfisti, un’oasi hippie per me resta uno dei posti più magici che abbia visto…


  14. Maria Andujar says:

    Nós brasileiros ficaremos muito felizes com sua presença! Você será muito bem vinda!!!!

  15. Rachel Trindade says:

    So great! I`m from brazil and i love your blog!
    Seja bem vinda ao Brazil!
    Rio is the most beatiful place ever!
    But i live here in Rio de Janeiro, so i think i`m a little suspicious…
    don`t forget to go to the tourist attractions!
    Like Copacana and Ipanema beachs.
    The christ redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and the Rodrigo de Freitas pond,
    there you can rent a bike and take a ride around the pond.
    This is one of my favorite program in the weekend. ;)

  16. Congrats to your trip to Brazil! Brazil is on top of my traveling list too!
    I love the shoes and laser cut shorts you are wearing in this post incredibly lots! I am contemplating about buying a rolex for x-mas – now I see your watch: is a rolex. It had to be. I love your styles, they hit the nail!

  17. Carol says:

    Chiara! Be careful! But not about being mugged, but to fall in love with Brazil!
    Everybody does! Make sure you enjoy the MOST! And maybe, even consider extending your trip to a couple of days longer! Hahahaha
    I’m brazilian, and I’ve visited Italy, but… I have to say… There is no such a place as Brazil! Make sure to get to know your fans! you’ll be happy to know that we can’t wait to see you in real life! hhaahha, it seems like a dream to me and to my friends!
    Luiza Barcelos is an icon! and is growing more and more, I’m a fan, and couldn’t be happier with the partnership between you two!
    See you soon!

  18. It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I’m happy that you shared this useful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Isabela PAim says:

    O ingles esta correto! I cant wait or I am looking foward to do something… has the same idea of Eu mal posso esperar por esta viagem!

  20. Manuela Coelho says:

    Yay! Brazil loves you Chiara!!!

  21. Thais says:

    Aaah.. stavo per dimenticarmi. Quando sarai in Belo Horizonte vai da “Feira Hippie” Ti innamorerai.. Il vintage, lo artigianato e lo stile indie é il forte di qst “mercatino”. Ti piacerai… :)

  22. Thais says:

    Chiara, sono una fan tua da più di 2 anni e ora abito in Brasile a pochi chilometri di Belo Horizonte, come faccio per andare a vederti? Ci saranno dei meet and great? Baci e auguroni per The blonde salad!

  23. Nadia says:

    I am one of your Brazilian followers. I saw you and Richie in Topshop London a couple of weeks ago. Welcome, Chiara!!

  24. Paula says:

    è un piacere sapere che sarà qui :)
    Sono sicura che ti piacerai molto e che sarà un viaggio indimenticabile…
    Un abbraccio grosso, grosso bella.
    A presto!

  25. gabriela says:

    owowowoooo i loveeeeeeee brazillllll!!!!

  26. Lethícia says:

    Loved you look, as always you’re really beautiful!
    You gonna love Brazil, it’s a country with many different cultures, good food and parties, wonderful beaches and a warm people. After your trip, tell us what you though about Brazil.


  27. BEM-VINDA!!!

    loved this look Chiara! I want to meet you!!!!



  28. Emanuela says:

    Mai mischiare Oro e Argento !!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    you look so cute i love your blog . i hope to visit my blog http://www.thepurpleballon.blogspot.com

  30. Luciana says:

    Hi Chiara! Your sentence “eu mal posso esperar por esta viagem” is absolutely right! I didn’t understand who sad that’s wrong! We say this all the time to express many things like “eu mal posso esperar por esta festa” that means I can’t wait for this party. Sounds like you are excited ou ansious for the trip. Portuguese is a very dificult language, there are many ways to say the same thing, but your sentence was nice, not so formal but it’s not a slang too. I appreciate that. I’m sorry for my “bad” english. Hope you understand. Try to know brazilian south because is a very diferent place in Brazil. I’m sure you gonna love Florianopolis, an island with more than 40 beaches, delicious seafood, great clubs and beautiful people. I’m glad that soon you re gonna here un my country, hope you have a great time! I love your blog, your looks and the way you are! Best regards, Lu

  31. Fabiola says:

    So happy to know that you will visit Brasil!!!!
    I hope you enjoy it and I just can´t wait to see your brasilians posts!!!
    I live in São Paulo and I think that you will love it!
    I went to Italy on july and I loved! My father´s family is from Italy!

  32. Manoella says:

    Amazing !!! You’ll be very welcome here !!

  33. Fashion Bags says:

    Awesome bag. Love it.

  34. AMAZING! I do miss seeing you in jeans though, it would be great if you wore a pair again! :D :D


  35. Bianca says:

    I´m brazilian from Rio, and I´m very happy for you. You´ll love Rio,BH and SP! Are different cities but all of them with a singular aspect :-) In Rio try to feel the atmosphere,the carioca feeling, sun, beach,casual style. I think you´ll love Ipanema,Leblon,Barra da Tijuca.
    Try to visit some Rio Fashion stores, FARM, Espaço Fashion, Dress To,Maria Filó,Cavendish, Bikinis ( Salinas Store,Blue Man,Cia Marítima,Rosa Chá,Lenny,Bumbum Ipanema,Água de Coco)
    Shoes ( Arezzo,Schutz,Datelli,Andarella,Santa Lolla)
    Restaurants: Celeiro, Nik Sushi ,Gula Gula,Vieira Souto,Stuzzi
    Bars: Veloso (Leblon) , Devassa Leblon
    Juices : Polis Sucos Ipanema, Bibi Sucos Leblon

    Belo Horizonte try to eat Cheese Bread you´ll love it

    São Paulo, have nice places to go out at night, bars,restaurants
    I hope you enjoy your trip!

    Kisses,beijos, uma boa viagem!


  36. Carina Perenzin says:

    You’re gonna love Brazil!

  37. Call me M says:

    I loved the whole look and especially your shoes! Can’t wait to see more photos of you collaboration, and your upcoming trips.

  38. Hi Chiara! I’m Brazilian! What day’ll you come?? I’m looking forward to see you in Brazil!!!

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