Coast to coast: the video

And If our photo reportage and “best of” from our month roadtripping through United States for our coast to coast was not enough.. Here is the video of these 29 days from the East to the West coast. Enjoy!

E se il reportage fotografico ed il “best of” del mese passato on the road negli Stati Uniti per il nostro coast to coast non fossero stati abbastanza… Ecco il video di questi 29 giorni dalla costa Est alla costa Ovest. Enjoy!
P.S: Grazie Matte per i filmati e soprattutto per aver sopportato i miei continui cambiamenti d’idea :)

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Chiara Ferragni

221 Responses to Coast to coast: the video

  1. Ana..again says:

    Please…what kind of polish and what brand is?…

  2. Ana says:

    Please, please, please TBS Crew tell me what name of nail polish use Chiara at 0:10 in this clip.
    Pleaseee. My mom saw this clip and tell me that she love the color of Chiara’s nail polish and next week it’s mom’s birthday and i want to make her a surprise.
    Pretty Please :)

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  4. Ivi says:

    wow i loved the video !!! very very cool !!!! it seems you had so much fun. may i ask if you edit it and what program did you use?? thanks !

  5. Rebecca says:

    Oh my god, what a gorgeous video! Now I’m really in the mood for going on a coast to coast trip, too! It looks like so much fun :) xx

  6. Bellissimo, beate te. Spero che anche io un giorno potrei fare un tour come il tuo. Nel frattempo ti auguro ogni bene :)

    Vieni a visitare anche il mio di blog:

  7. Diva In Me says:

    I enjoyed your video and I think it’s hilarious and looks like you guys had a fantastic time! =D

  8. Qué video tan chulo!!!

  9. What an amazing trip!


  10. Desislava says:

    The video is soooo cool! It really gives an idea of the whole trip! I have never thought about coast to coast trip but now I can see how awesome it would be. Thank you for sharing! Now I have a dream to experience something like this one day :))


  11. Manuela Coelho says:

    Let us see the original version of the blog on the mobile pleeeeeeeeeaseeeee!!!!

  12. Raquel says:

    Amazing!! love the video!!


  13. Nefeli says:

    Wow!!!You must have had an amazing time!!!!!Sure you are to remember this for life! Sooo jealous, wish I ll be able to sdo something like that some time!! Hope you allways hanve fun, love you blog!:-)

  14. Gemma says:

    This video is made with so much taste! Love every minute of it. Love you had this much fun plus I’m planning a coast to coast so this is very helpful!



  15. Micaela says:

    The edition of the video is 5*! ;) It looks so fun!



  16. noneedforaname says:

    great video and election of the song, it sounded everywhere when i went to NYC on 2007, haha

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