New York fashionweek: day 4


Monday was the most relaxing day of New York fashionweek: since I didn’t have any important show planned I dedicated myself to the styling of a photoshoot in the morning and to a walk in Soho showrooms and stores in the afternoon. I chose a simple yet chic look: I love wearing a cool tshirt, shorts and a pair of new booties, especially If they’re made in the big apple.
In the afternoon the new video about New York fashionweek!

Lunedi è stato il giorno più tranquillo della mia settimana della moda newyorkese: non avendo particolari sfilate in programma mi sono dedicata allo styling di un servizio fotografico alla mattina e ad un giro nei vari showroom e store in Soho al pomeriggio. Ho scelto un look semplice e ricercato: quanto adoro indossare, clima permettendo, una tshirts, shorts ed un paio di stivaletti nuovi, soprattutto se prodotti proprio nella grande mela. Nel pomeriggio il nuovo video della mini serie sulla New York fashionweek!


I was wearing:


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194 Responses to New York fashionweek: day 4

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  3. Faith says:

    ciao Chiara, complimenti per questi scatti magnifici.. mi chiedevo, che smalto indossavi in queste foto? trovo che sia molto bello! spero di trovare una tua risposta anche se è un vecchio post ^_^ grazie mille

  4. Miia Johanna says:

    You are so beautiful <3

    Greetings from Finland!

  5. Marleen says:

    Great outfit, I absolutely adore that t-shirt!



    Style Route

  6. An exceedingly excellent article. I agree when using the observations you’ve got for both Google+ and Pinterest.
    Jahnel recently posted..Is jamplay very good

  7. Amel says:

    Amazza quanto sei bella!Non aver paura ho 56 anni e ho una teenager di 16 anni e spero che sarà come te!E bravi i genitori perchè non sei nemmeno arrogante:la ragazza della porta accanto e che ragazza!Ti auguro tutto il bene di questo mondo e di essere sempre felice.

  8. Amel says:

    Sei bellissima!U’re so beautiful,elegant,simple and chic.U’re giving a lesson of fashion to French women!But your style is a mix of high and clear taste Italian+New-Yorker+your body,face…The result is perfect!I’m sure U’re Italian!Anyway say thanks to your parents for the gene they gave u!Sorry if U’re Italian could I talk Italian with u?It’s easier 4 me.

  9. monica says:

    Lo so che è brutto commentare per criticare, però credo che fa parte dell’essere blogger aspettare i commenti che possono non essere positivi. La borsa e la t-shirt di Givenchy sono m.e.r.a.v.i.g.l.i.o.s.i.! Gli scatti no! Sono sì belle foto, ma queste pose e primi piani da modella fanno parte di un altro “mestiere” che, scusami se mi permetto, non è il tuo. Non credo ti valorizzino queste foto e poi perché farle? P.S. la modella è stupenda e anche tutto lo stylist!

  10. Oh Gosh, I want these gold sneakers :) )
    P.S. Love your hair!! :)

  11. Hardcouture says:

    Very cute outfit!!


  12. Love the coolness of the wolf shirt with the blazer. Such great street style!

    TheStylist LA

  13. Ucanna says:

    You look very beautiful ! but i don’t like the picture of your t-shirt… so strange.

  14. Great look! Like the edgyness!

    GO TO and check out my blog!

  15. Lola says:

    That Givenchy tshirt is literally everywhere! Great styling!!

  16. jenaly says:

    love it….I love all your outfits!!!

  17. chiara you look amazing in these pics!! i love the model style!!
    hai una luce speciale negli occhi 8)

  18. Love the t-shirt! Arghhh ahaha

    Check out my blog :)


  19. Lilli says:

    bellissimo look e foto!:)

  20. Noemi says:

    The look is a bit too naked for my taste, but I like the booties.

  21. Carmen says:

    Whhhhhatttt??? That’s definitely not Maria Carla! You know a lot about fashion, don’t you? After all, you’re a fan of Chiara Ferragni…

  22. Anastasija says:

    wow, you look better then ever! Love this look of yours and photos are amazing!!!

  23. Honorata says:

    Cool booties and T-shirt!!!

  24. katy vess says:

    love your shrt and shoes so much, chiara! and those pictures are epic!!!!

  25. Lisa says:

    Been following your blog & love your style. But I don’t like the new format as much as the old ~ can’t zoom in and Hate the Google thing floating at the bottom ~ cheapens your lovely site :(

  26. Anmari says:

    I love your accessories Chiara! and your t-shirt is super cool! total look is so cool!

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  29. bella chiara, check out my designs, would really appreciate a feedback! baccione!

  30. Raquel says:

    You look amazing as always!!

  31. Danne Chimal says:

    Lovely photos <3!
    you look so pretty :) !


  32. marilena says:

    love that blazer and the bag to!great outfit,dear!

  33. Lara says:

    Gorgeous outfit, as always and the shoes are so amazing.

  34. Stella says:

    Nice arm party!
    Stella from A Shiny Place

  35. I love your look, you look amazing!!

    Kisses from Spain. In a few days (22 september) I am going to visit Roma, you are from Roma, isn,t it??If I see you I,ll take a photo with you because I love your style!!!You are so pretty!!!! :) :)


  36. Gemma says:

    You just look so great in this pictures!! So stunning:)



  37. Anonymous says:

    I love your approach to fashion, you are natural beauty, pure style. I really like your blog it’s one of my favourites.

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