All my fashionweek looks


Here they are: all the looks I wore between September and October for New York, London, Milan and Paris fashionweeks.
Which is your favourite outfit? In which city do you think I gave my best? I want your votes!

Eccoli: tutti i look sfoggiati tra Settembre ed Ottobre alle fashionweek di New York, Londra, Milano e Parigi.
Qual è il vostro outfit preferito? In quale città pensate io abbia dato il massimo? Voglio i vostri voti!









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Chiara Ferragni

357 Responses to All my fashionweek looks

  1. I’m loving the outfits from Paris and New York ! They are so amazing :)

    xx Julia


  2. Marina says:

    Listen, woman. This is madness. I thought I had a lot of stuff…ma tu hai proprio tutte le cose ci sono nel mondo. Scarpe in ogni colore, Balenciaga bags in the full rainbow spectrum of colors. O hai una casa per tutte queste cose, o vivi in mezzo! Vorrei vedere le foto del armadio.

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  4. Sydney says:

    The fourth one you wore in New York, with the dog shirt is definitely my favorite.

  5. Kačka says:

    Milan and London – my favourites! :)
    However you look amazing in everything! <3

  6. Maggie says:

    Wow, you killed it every day! Tough choice, but I liked New York best.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How can you afford all these if you’re only a student?

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