All my fashionweek looks


Here they are: all the looks I wore between September and October for New York, London, Milan and Paris fashionweeks.
Which is your favourite outfit? In which city do you think I gave my best? I want your votes!

Eccoli: tutti i look sfoggiati tra Settembre ed Ottobre alle fashionweek di New York, Londra, Milano e Parigi.
Qual è il vostro outfit preferito? In quale città pensate io abbia dato il massimo? Voglio i vostri voti!









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Chiara Ferragni

357 Responses to All my fashionweek looks

  1. I’m loving the outfits from Paris and New York ! They are so amazing :)

    xx Julia


  2. Marina says:

    Listen, woman. This is madness. I thought I had a lot of stuff…ma tu hai proprio tutte le cose ci sono nel mondo. Scarpe in ogni colore, Balenciaga bags in the full rainbow spectrum of colors. O hai una casa per tutte queste cose, o vivi in mezzo! Vorrei vedere le foto del armadio.

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  4. Sydney says:

    The fourth one you wore in New York, with the dog shirt is definitely my favorite.

  5. Kačka says:

    Milan and London – my favourites! :)
    However you look amazing in everything! <3

  6. Maggie says:

    Wow, you killed it every day! Tough choice, but I liked New York best.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How can you afford all these if you’re only a student?

  8. Martina rinzivillo says:

    A Milano di sicuro ci sono i migliori outfit ma anche i vestitini di Parigi sono splendidi! Complimenti

  9. Pilar says:

    It’s just so diffcult to choose they are all awesome i love them all!

  10. Nina says:

    Amaaaaaaaaaazing!! So stunned.. Good job Chiara!

  11. Diandra Zabala says:

    Best in London! Although the one with the Blonde Salad shirt in New York was the best of them all ♥♥♥

  12. Ferny says:


  13. Marjolein says:

    The second look from new york and the seventh look in milan are the best ones, according to me. Nut as a city, Londons looks win. :D

  14. Caro* says:

    New York outfits are fabulous :)

  15. Maddi says:

    NEWYORK! Fantastica!

  16. Emma says:

    I love the outfits you wore in New York! I absolutely love the total black outfit where you wear the givenchy tee shirt, with the dog on it.. It’s absolutely amazing! Or the one with the superhero sweater..! I have to say I’m a huuuuge fan of yours since you started your blog, and I live in Shanghai, I was so disapointed when you came here, I wanted to meet you sooo bad! :)

  17. Love all of these looks- especially the ones from New York, and the kenzo sweater look! Also the last sweater is fabulous!
    I got a few photos of you as well during fashion week- check them out on http://lestyleengineer.blogspot.co.uk/


  18. Amy says:

    You have tons of great items but it seems like you have no idea how to mix them, my opinion though.

  19. Ava says:

    all of your outfits are fabulous but my favorites are:
    New York – 2, 6, 7
    London – 1, 2
    Milan – 1,3
    Paris – 2,3,4

  20. Vera says:

    Last year Milan, this year New York!! But all outfits are great:)

  21. Isabella says:

    A mio parere, New York e Paris!

  22. Ulrika says:

    That is some amazing outfits!! Love the skirts!


  23. Nadine Salem says:

    You are the most stylish lady on earth! It is hard to decide. My personal favourites are the outfit for Moschino and your striped lace dress – I love little dresses. I also adore your photo in front of the Rag&Bone ad with Kate Moss – it would be great to see the two of you in one shoot! That would be two great fashion icons in one picture!

  24. helda says:

    chiaraaaa,u are the most hardworking blogger! this is awesome!

  25. Quezia says:

    I liked New York .. Amazing !

  26. Ewelina says:

    everything are great. I think that you most like 4 ….;)

  27. Jules says:

    Uno più bello dell’altro, i miei preferiti sono quelli di Londra!!:)


  28. Marianne says:

    Absolutely PARIS, with green kenzo tshirt, black skirt and the lovely grey hat!!

  29. alessia says:

    adoro tutti i tuoi outfit! Ma quelli che hai sfoggiato a parigi hanno una particolarità che mi fa impazzire. Ancora complimenti :D ciao chiaretta!

  30. Mirka says:

    I definitelly think that you were most yourself in Milan. I loved some NYC and London looks as well, but pastels and elegant chic suit you best:) xx

  31. bookie says:

    Milan – 10
    New York – 10
    London -9
    Paris- 8

  32. sevvy says:

    Milan and London!! you look amazing everywhere!!


  33. sevvy says:

    Milan and London!! you look amazing everywhere!!

  34. Marie says:

    I think that Milan you wear the best outfits but i have to say that the sparkling skirt with your blondesalad t-shirt was an amazing pair!

  35. Poli4ka says:


  36. valefu says:

    sono tutti stupendi ma i miei preferiti sono quelli di NY!!!

  37. Sere says:

    NYC tuttal la vita!! Spettacolo!
    Ciao Chiara
    buona giornata


  38. pipa says:

    All looks are stunning !!!!

  39. Diana says:

    Your looks are amazing!! I love them!

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

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  41. sil says:

    Parigi 1,2,3 foto. Milano sesta foto, New York sesta foto con la giacchina verde e i toni color carne.

  42. Camilla says:

    Tutti splendidi e molto adeguati all’occasione.
    Ho un debole soprattutto per quelli indossati a Paris !

  43. Gisella says:

    Decisamente Londra e Parigi <3

  44. Marine says:

    NYC casual outfit with the electric cap & in Paris with the Kenzo sweater, the Céline Phantom & the beanie! perfect looks


  45. arianna says:

    no doubtes…new york wins!!!

  46. Arianna says:

    Tutti i look mi piacciono molto ma credo che quelli di Londra siano i miei preferiti, soprattutto il primo!
    Tutti gli stili sono molto freschi ed é difficile classificarli…

    check out my blog: http://www.thefashiometer.com

  47. Sara P. says:

    new york, paris, milano… you always dress amazing!:)

    i like your style and I check out your blog every day;)

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