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For the first photos once fashionweek season was over I decided to show myself to you in a complete casual way: this is my classic look to work at home or at our office.
I’ve never worn glasses before one year ago: probably because of the big amount of hours spent in front of my macbook (or Is it because I’m getting old? :D ) I lost a bit of my eyesight.
Only a few times I take photos with my glasses on (I should wear them for driving, reading or being at the computer), but this time I looked at myself at the mirror before going to take some photos and I thought “why not?”. The glasses I was wearing are by Vogue Eyewear, and the testimonials are Kate Moss and Jude Law. It would be a pity to only wear them at work, plus they give me that nerd feeling I adore :)
P.S: Today I’m leaving with Mango on a three days trip to Ibiza with other 4 international bloggers, see you there!

Per le prime foto scattate una volta finite le settimane della moda ho deciso di mostrarmi a voi in una versione decisamente più casual e “casalinga”: questo è il mio classico look quando lavoro a casa o nel nostro ufficio.
Non ho mai portato occhiali da vista prima di un anno fa: probabilmente per colpa delle tante ore passate al computer (o per colpa dell’età che avanza? :D ) ho perso qualche diottria.
Pochissime volte mi faccio fotografare con gli occhiali da vista addosso (li dovrei mettere solo per guidare, leggere o stare al macbook), ma questa volta mi sono guardata allo specchio prima di andare a fare qualche foto e ho pensato “perchè no?”. Gli occhiali che indossavo sono di Vogue Eyewear, ed i testimonial sono i miei amati Kate Moss e Jude Law. Sarebbe un peccato indossarli solo al lavoro, in più mi danno quel tocco nerd che adoro :)
P.S: Oggi parto insieme a Mango per un viaggio di tre giorni ad Ibizia insieme ad altre 4 blogger internazionali, ci sentiamo da li!


I was wearing:

CHIARA FERRAGNI GLITTER SNEAKERS (find them in these stores and online stores)

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Chiara Ferragni

317 Responses to Nerd side of me

  1. Lionel says:

    L’intégralité de ces articles sont franchement fascinants

  2. anja says:

    Oh, these glasses are great! I need some new ones – I should try a similar style. xo

  3. Chiara Andreoni says:

    http://www.vogue-eyewear.com/it/occhiale/dettaglio/vo2714/w44/ è questo ilmodello da te indossato? :)

  4. Martina says:

    Chiara sei bellissima!

  5. Carolina says:

    Adoro questo look, e poi anche io porto degli occhiali identici a quelli è nn so mai come abbinarli… Ora lo so :-)

  6. Lylia says:

    Hey you look awesome in those glasses! Can you please give the model number? There are so many in vogue to choose from it would be a great help thank you!!

  7. You look amazing in glasses! So gorgeous and sophisticated.

  8. Mitha Komala says:

    love the vest and shoes!! <3

    Letters To Juliet

  9. Giulia says:

    Gli occhiali, in particolare questo tipo di montatura, ti stanno benissimo !! Ciao !

  10. Maya says:

    You still look gorgeous with those glasses! Loving this more casual look after all the chic fashion week outfits. Maya from Archistas

  11. I love this nerd side of you.
    You look so comfy and so young, a little princess! <3

  12. Andrea says:

    Hi Chiara!!! As the other girls…want to know de reference of the glasses?? Merci :)

  13. Gemma says:

    It’s funny because this look is way diffrent from the others but I still looooove it!



  14. yvonnelw says:

    you look like an 80s model!

  15. cloe says:

    i love how creative your site is and your personal style………i look forward to following you………..

  16. theBlackgod says:

    Wow. Guess Im not the only one who thinks you look great in glasses. :) Funny how perception, combined with the effect of one item-glasses in this case-can change the whole look of a person. I know from experience because I started wearing glasses in the 7th grade; romance I found being very negatively impacted by them in most cases. Either it was the glasses or the fact that I was really chubby, but now I’ve found out something amazing! Wear really nice stylish glasses, and they can look great-as they do here-while you can also mix different clothing items with them to give it a whole different vibe. Cool nerd is the look I see here. :-) LOL :-)

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