Seoul: day 1


First look I wore in Seoul, in the very cold South Korea: in the few free hours I had yesterday afternoon between meetings I visited the financial area near my hotel, the Conrad Hotel, and then walked a bit between the stores at IFC Mall. After dinner, to fight against jet-lag, we also went to the cinema to see Breaking Dawn part two, and It was surreal to think we were actually watching the movie from the other side of the world :)
Today is the busiest day of the week: I will have interviews and video filming from 10 am and I hope my body won’t abandon me because of the jet-lag.
Wish me good luck, I hope to really do my best!

Primo look sfoggiato a Seoul, nella freddissima Korea del Sud: nelle poche ore libere di ieri pomeriggio tra meeting ed appuntamenti ho visitato la zona finanziaria del mio hotel, Conrad Hotel, per poi fare un giro all’IFC Mall. Dopo cena, per lottare contro il jet-lag, siamo anche stati al cinema a vedere Breaking Dawn parte seconda, ed assistere alla proiezione del film dall’altro capo del mondo è stato più che surreale :)
Oggi mi aspetta la giornata più lunga di tutte: si susseguiranno interviste e riprese dalle 10 del mattino, spero che il fisico non mi abbandoni causa fuso orario.
Fatemi un grosso in bocca al lupo per evitare figuracce!


I was wearing:


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250 Responses to Seoul: day 1

  1. Te tengo marcado echa un vistazo a cosas nuevas en este blog

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  9. Gemma says:

    Love these pants

    Come visit my blog where I posted my magazine: GMM NOVEMBER :)


  10. Anicajames says:

    Cute !

    xx Anicajames

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  13. Min-jeong Koo says:

    and you are always gorgeous!!

  14. Min-jeong Koo says:

    Welcome to Seoul!!

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  16. Jules says:

    Your bright jeans are so cool!!

  17. Evey C. says:

    Great outfit! Absolutely loooooove the boots :D and it goes great with those pants. I really want to go to Seoul too :3
    Rawrs, Evey

  18. Francesca Bellavita says:

    Cosa centrano i pantaloni con gli stivali?? Niente!! Già i pantaloni in se sono orrendi!!!

    Visita il mio blog!!!

  19. Simplegancy says:

    You look amazing, i really like your style :)

  20. Georgiana says:

    You look great! Love the boots!

  21. I love the color of your pants!! awesome outfit

  22. Lorenzo says:

    Congratulations have fun! U are gorgeous *-*

  23. Those pants are very rock ‘n roll! love them!

    GO TO and check out my blog

  24. The whole outfit is just perfect, I adore the metalic trousers and all the fur!

  25. monkeyshines says:

    fantastic pants!


  26. Jiwoong Lim says:

    Welcome to my homeland :)
    아웃핏은 이쁜데 엄청 추울거 같아요ㅜㅜㅎㅎ

  27. Since you’re at Gangnam district, you really should post a video dancing the Oppa Gangnam Style. It’ll be cool!

    Enjoy Seoul! x :)

  28. karen says:

    i like the metallic jeans

  29. girley pogoy says:

    love ur outfit, nice shoes….it’s really nice seeing u wearing ur own brand of shoes!

  30. Alice Song says:

    I live in Seoul and if you would like to see Seoul with a current resident, let me know!
    On Tuesday I’m free from 4pm.
    I leave my email address so contact me!

    I hope you have a nice stay and I love your outfit.

  31. Esther Yoo says:

    You probably already know, but I was excited to see you featured in elle korea magazine!
    The link I found was:

  32. I adore those pants. The metallic blue is just so divine.

  33. Iren says:

    U look stunning;))))))))))))))

    xoxo Iren
    Visit my blog:
    Living In A Kitten’s World

  34. Adina N. says:

    I love your boots! And I wanna go to Seoul too :X

  35. Pim says:

    Love your Pants!!!
    have a nice trip^^

  36. Linda says:

    such vibrant pants!! and love those awesome spike end bracelets!! :> make sure to check out all the accessories (jewelry, hats, etc) in korea! they have really stuff for a fraction of the price compared to US! love buying accessories when im in korea. have fun!! and make sure to try all the traditional korean food~

  37. Lovely look, lovely city and lovely blogger!

    Kisses from Spain

  38. Angela says:

    You look awesome

    I can’t believe you’re in Yeoudio where I live
    Freezing here, keep you warm dear

    Love xxx

  39. marilia roquini says:

    Great leggings!!

  40. ruth says:

    honestly so jealous
    going to Seoul has always been my biggest dream, it’s a place i definitely need to go during my life
    hope you have successful trip and have fun in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

  41. Shoegal Out In The World says:

    Love your furry coat & binnie…

    Have a great week!!!

    xo, Violeta

  42. Andrea says:

    Love the coat and the boots!!! <3<3 Good luck!
    Andrea in Fashion

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