Los Angeles again: day 1


Good morning from Los Angeles beauties from Europe (and goodnight to me, since It’s midnight here)!
My first complete day in LA couldn’t be more awesome: we started with a photoshoot for Whowhatwear and then organized some meetings in a hot December day.
Tomorrow (today for you in Europe) is our only free day from working in Los Angeles and I want to bring Richi to Universal Studios: I was there the first time with my parents when I was 9 and the last time with my friends at 17… I can’t wait to go back to that magic atmosphere :)

Buongiorno da Los Angeles bellezze in Europa (anzi buonanotte per me, visto che qui è mezzanotte di martedi)!
Il mio primo giorno completo a LA non poteva andare meglio: abbiamo iniziato con un servizio fotografico per Whowhatwear ed abbiamo proseguito con alcuni meeting in un’assolata giornata di Dicembre.
La giornata di domani (oggi per voi in Europa) è la nostra unica giornata completamente libera da impegni lavorativi a Los Angeles e voglio portare Richi agli Universal Studios: sono stata per la prima volta agli Studios con i miei genitori quando avevo 9 anni e l’ultima volta insieme ad alcuni amici a 17… Non vedo l’ora di tornarci ed assaporarmi quell’atmosfera magica :)


I was wearing:


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199 Responses to Los Angeles again: day 1

  1. Vanessa says:

    Simply beautiful !

  2. Jade says:

    love this look :p
    (but not the bag)

    enjoy your stay ah ah

  3. I want a dress like this!!! so beautiful <3

  4. Manita says:

    Looking fabulous as always! Welcome to sunny CA.
    Please let me know if you visit SF at my email address.

    Would love to show you around! xx


  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t youse glasses. I want too see your georgous eyes : )))

  6. Diana says:

    lovely!!! You look amazing, super exciting to be in their offices.

    ~~♥ ♥ ♥~~

  7. Jules says:

    Love your cute Stefanel dress !!!


  8. Vittoria says:

    questo look mi piace tantissimo! Adoro il contrasto delle gambe nude con la borsa “piumino”! :)

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  9. alex says:

    So jealous that you’re in LA…love the Rolex on your wrist! Also love the shot of you with the shades on so that you can see the photographer in the mirrored lenses. If you are ever interested in beauty products or advice then check out our blog out at http://www.worksofbeauty.com

  10. pei says:

    love those necklaces!!
    where can i get them??

    luv u~ u r amazing XD

  11. Marco says:

    Beautifull , you’re like a diva :X


  12. Malena says:

    Cool pictures, really love the outfit!


  13. nuria says:

    Estas genial, me encantan las fotos, y disfruta de tu viaje a Los angeles.

    un beso

  14. umi says:

    love this look.bag and boots are great.


  15. jessbuurman says:

    jacket,dress,shoe and bag is wondeful.
    And collection of shoe and boots is awesome.

  16. Lucky you. I do hope you enjoy your free day and the L.A. winter sun.


  17. Ludivine says:

    Gorgeous photos ! Great idea for Universal Sudios, i love this place !!
    Can’t wait to see your new shoot for whowhatwear !!


  18. MaricruzLA says:

    You look amazing! hope you have a great time in LA

  19. Melly says:

    I want to be there too! :) You look great, enjoy your stay!
    Love, Melly

  20. Ata says:

    Amazing clothes <3

  21. tangoella says:

    This is exactly what I want to make for my line. Tee/sweater dresses, simple, chic and cool. Finish with necklace.
    Enjoy LA!

    Please vsiit http://tangoella.blogspot.com

  22. 分析的很透彻,很欣赏你的看法,学习了。

  23. ish says:

    love the look, the sweater dress is amazing and love those boots!
    xx ish

  24. Beatrice says:

    You look amazing! Love your dress!


  25. dariofattore says:

    OMG LA mi ricordo ancora quel viaggio quando avevo 17 anni m ha cambiato la vita….bella chiara sempre stupenda salutamela e grazie di farmi rivivere quelle emozioni che spero di rivivere nei tuoi prossimi post abientati qui a losangeles bacioniii :) ))
    take a look here http://www.whosdaf.com

  26. monkeyshines says:

    fabulous booties!


  27. Me says:

    I am so sorry to say this bus this whole outfit is a disaster, i mean seriously disappointing. U might be carrying chanel handbag but it doesn’t mean that it’s nice, nor that it matches the outfit which i …sorry for honesty. I like ur blog, but recently get disappointed more often.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Look at that WWW fashion closet! So much fun.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

  29. O.S. says:

    love your style ;)
    visit new sales!

  30. Sarah says:

    Hope you have a great time! You look great.

    The Purse Snatcher 

  31. fernany says:

    hahahah Is so fun to look at this pics!!! you look so happy, I can tell you really love LA!! Love your leather jacket with this dress! I makes it more interesting and the boots complete everything!! keep being excited!! cant wait to see more HOLLYWOOD pics!! Hugs

  32. Ferny says:

    Ciao chiara io ci sono andata l’anno scorso !!!
    Andate sull’attrazione dei Simpson è bellissima ..!!
    E poi prendete il trenino che vi fa vedere il i vati film e che vi fa girare un pó x i set !!!!
    Un. Bacioneeeeee
    Ti voglio tanto tanto bene

  33. Kiki says:

    Oh, those Californians have it so easy with the weather like that. :)

  34. Stefania says:

    Love this outfit – the perfect combo of black and grey


  35. Marta says:

    AMazing pics <3 Love your Coco Cocoon bag!

    by Marta Antolínez.

  36. katy vess says:

    love the pics but your shoes are amazing!


  37. Chiara! I really have no idea how you do it! How do you handle jetlag and still have the energy to put together cute outfits AND snap photos! I admire you!

    I love this outfit…so simple, yet so chic:)

    LEOPARD FAUX FUR: http://ishowedupinboots.com/2012/12/12/winter-essential-leopard-coat/

  38. Love the look you wore for Who What Wear! I love pastels in the winter!

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