Los Angeles again: day 2


I promised it to myself and yesterday I did it: in our free day in Los Angeles I brought Richi to Universal Studios (said in this way It looks like I only wanted to please him, but I was the one who really wanted to go). I felt like I was back in my childhood: I attended all the shows and tried the same rides I did as a kid there at 9 (Jurassic Park was the only closed one). The cold (for Los Angeles weather) and cloudy day helped us a lot with the timing: there were just a few people around and we could run from one ride to the next one without staying in line for one minute.
I haven’t been to the Studios for 8 years and I had never seen the new part dedicated to The Simpsons: I’ve been following them since I was a child and I got so excited for everything there.
The visit to the studios is for sure the best part of the experience: 45 minutes among some of the most important sets of movies and tv shows, like one of my favourite ones, Desperate Housewives. Driving through Wisteria Lane is more than surreal :)

Me l’ero ripromessa e ieri ce l’ho fatta: nel nostro giorno libero a Los Angeles ho portato Richi agli Universal Studios (detta cosi sembro avergli fatto fare un favore, mentre in realtà ero io a volerci andare a tutti i costi). Mi sembrava di essere tornata bambina: ho assistito a tutti gli spettacoli e ho provato tutte le attrazioni che avevo sperimentato la prima volta in quel luogo, a 9 anni (tranne Jurassic Park che, purtroppo, era chiusa per manutenzione). La giornata molto fredda (per gli standard di Los Angeles naturalmente) e nuvolosa ci ha aiutati notevolmente con i tempi: in giro c’erano poche persone e riuscivamo a correre da un’attrazione all’altra senza fare un minuto di coda.
Non venivo agli Universal Studios da 8 anni e non avevo quindi mai visto la nuova parte dedicata ai Simpson: seguendoli da quando ero bambina sono praticamente impazzita dalla gioia.
La visita agli studios è sicuramente la parte che più consiglio a tutti: 45 minuti in giro tra alcuni dei più importanti set di film e telefilm, tra cui appunto uno dei miei preferiti, Desperate Housewives. Guidare attraverso Wisteria Lane è veramente surreale :)


I was wearing:


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Chiara Ferragni

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  1. Caterina says:

    Ciao chiara! Mi sapresti indicare qualche negozio qui a Milano dove trovare le sneakers di Isabel Marant? ho fatto un salto all’Excelsior ma sono sold out. Se no se hai qualche sito da consigliarmi per comprare online ! Purtroppo e’ pieno di imitazioni in giro..


  2. SOKBerry says:

    Fun day!


  3. Seraphina says:

    Wow, who is that blonde haired girl with you? She’s soooo gorgeous!

  4. Gemma says:

    You look as beautiful as always:)

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  5. Diva In Me says:

    You are definitely a big kid! =D
    I was there in Spring this year with my sister and her bf too but we didn’t go into the park. Just outside for food and we left for San Fran after that.

  6. Jade says:

    You’re really lucky ! :)
    The only time I went to LA I only stayed 2 days so I did not have the time to go to Universal Studios :'(


  7. Call me M says:

    It must have been an amazing experience! Wish I could go there too!

  8. Fabulous!
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  9. ivana says:

    fab photos! lovely outfit:)

  10. KM says:

    I bought this coat today and then I saw your pictures… Glad to see ‘my coat’… Nice and it really looks great…

  11. Jamie says:

    Haha! I love the picture jumping in front of Universal! Welcome to LA :)


  12. Kelly says:

    Great post! I love white pants in winter and the photo with your head in jars is too cute!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  13. Jenny says:

    These pics are amazing! So jealous of you, I wish I was there right now! haha
    I absolutely love reading your posts, they put a smile on my face every time I do!

  14. Chiara Ferragni

    Thanks a million to all of you guys!

    Grazie di cuore a tutti voi!

  15. vanessa says:

    me encanto el sweater is so cute!!


  16. Quanti bei ricordi agli Universal….
    Splendide foto!
    Tu sei bellissima…

  17. Liz Tremaine says:

    I love the Universal Studios especially the Wisteria Lane! 2 years ago I was at the same place and my only thought was nooo it’s so surreal, this place is not from Desperate Housewives, never ever! & then after my trip I sat at home, watched DH and thought gooosh, Mom look I was there! :)

  18. Great photos, it looks you had so much fun… Great outfit casual but trendy at the same time…

    xo, Violeta


  19. Ludivine says:

    So great photos !! I loooove universal studios !!


  20. sw says:

    bella la tua vita..che cazzeggi e non fai una minchia da mattina a sera

  21. Misaki says:

    What a wonderful trip:) universal studios OMG…you’re so lucky;)

  22. Linda says:

    wow i am in love with your camel coat and super stunned that it’s from zara. i really must come across these gorgeous pieces that seems to sell out super quick in zara!
    that polka dot sweater is so sweet.
    p.s these photos make me want to visit Universal soon! haven’t gone since middle school =]


  23. agNeSSka says:

    Perfect look, perfect place. Amazing, like a dream :)

  24. Jules says:

    Bellissime queste foto, mi piace molto il tuo look!!:)


  25. Floortje says:

    These photos are great! Have fun Chiara!

  26. ATIYAMA says:

    É come essere nel film di simpsons! Mi a piacuto tantissimo il post…

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  27. Ale says:

    What an amazing place!!

  28. Petey says:

    What a fun, fantasy escape day! And I love your Frenchie bulldog necklace–keep Matilda close to your heart.

  29. Deborah says:

    Bellissime foto,adoro il tuo outfit!


  30. estera says:

    this looks so great! I want to go there! thanks for showing this pictures.

  31. LOVE THIS!! Lucky girl! have an amazing time!

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