Beauty story: smokey eyes


After the cat-eye eyeliner here is another favourite eye makeup: are you ready for smokey eyes?
Giulio Panciera, makeup artist, taught me a good lesson once again :) Let’s start!

Dopo l’eye liner effetto cat-eye ecco un altro dei miei trucchi preferiti per gli occhi: siete pronti per gli smokey eyes?
Giulio Panciera, makeup artist, mi ha insegnato un’altra bella lezione :) Iniziamo!

-Apply a black eyepencil inside and outside the bottom part of the eye and town it down

-Applicate una matita nera sopra e sotto l’occhio ed iniziate a sfumarla


-Apply a cream eye shadow in a dark blue or black colour (I used “Illusion d’ombre 91″ by Chanel) and blend it on all the eye lid bringing it together with the tones down the eye.

-Applicate un ombretto in crema blu scuro o nero (io ho usato “Illusion d’ombre 91″ di Chanel) e sfumatelo su tutta la palpebra congiungendolo con la sfumatura dell’occhio inferiore.


-With a black pencil create a V shape in the inner part of the eyelid to give depth and intensity to the eye.

-Con la matita nera create una banana formando una V nell’incavo esterno dell’occhio e continuate a sfumare per creare piu profondità all’occhio stesso.


-Add a touch of black pencil again and a touch of light in the inside point of the eyelid.

-Aggiungete poi matita nera dentro l’occhio e un punto luce nella V all’inizio dell’occhio.


-Add some natural gloss to give more importance to the eyes. Here is the final result :)

-Aggiungete del gloss naturale per dare più risalto agli occhi. Ecco il risultato finale :)


Thanks to Giulio for teaching me another makeup lesson

Grazie a Giulio per un’altra lezione di trucco


And here is the makeup I used :)

Ed ecco i trucchi utilizzati :)



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Chiara Ferragni

202 Responses to Beauty story: smokey eyes

  1. kesa says:

    Simply but amazing! Smokey eyes are my favorite <3


  2. Amanda Stas says:

    Gorgeous make-up! Love smokey eyes! xx


  3. beaishappy says:

    I love the beauty post!

  4. Sarah A says:

    wow! i think the fact that you have gorgeous blue eyes make the smoky eyes even better and fiery! so pretty!

    Peeps check out my blog too on mycitymylondon.me
    insta and facebook: mycitymylondon


  5. StyleGodis says:

    The smoky makeup looks perfect with the color of your eyes!


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  7. Chaya Selig says:

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  8. Anch’io spesso per uscire la sera faccio gli smoky eyes, ma sul grigio, sono un’ottima tecnica ;)


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  10. thanks Chiara for the tutorial….finally this post could tell me why I always failed to use smokey eyes….hehe


  11. Gemma says:

    Amazing outfit and pictures:)

    Come say HI: http://www.gemmamonclus.blogspot.com

    Love, Gemma

  12. chiara says:

    …si capisce poco di questi tutorial … l’idea non è male ma le spiegazioni dovrebbero essere più chiare! ciao

  13. Wish I afford these brands. :(
    Anyways nice makeup. :)
    I love u Chiara. :) loads of love from India. <3

  14. …adoro gli smokey eyes…nella versione classica…o colorata!!!
    …anch’io applico la matita e la sfumo e poi applico un ombretto in crema…spesso mirifique di chanel!!!

  15. melita says:

    Great tips, you look amazing!

  16. Anonymous says:

    You have got totally hipnotizing eyes!
    1st photo is gorgeous!

    Kisses from Poland :)

  17. Alex says:

    oh he’s so handsome! ;D

  18. Diva In Me says:

    I love smokey eyes and you definitely look great in it! =)
    I definitely fell in love with that Chanel eyeliner and had been using it ever since.

  19. tangoella says:

    Great make up and hairdo with the sequence outfit. Wish you have shown your entire outfit.

    Stop by http://tangoella.blogspot.com

  20. Arianna Gallo says:

    Preferisco l’altro make up su di te ;)



  21. the make-up looked amazing on you!!! i’m gonna try this look!


  22. Celeste Baca says:

    I love the Chanel illusion d’ombre eye shadows they’re amazing and as we can see. making your eyes pop beautifully :) Lastly, I love the hair! If possible please make a tutorial on this particular style

  23. Athena Ben says:

    This looks amazing on you, love smokey eyes!

    xx, A!

  24. Mo says:

    Mo says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    31 January 2013 at 9:37 PM

    and the foundation and blush which is evident? the english instructions are poorly written and overall this does NOT teach one / provide a lesson on how to do make-up.

    you look beautiful as always though

  25. Mo says:

    and the foundation and blush which is evident? the english instructions are poorly written and overall this does NPT teach one / provide a lesson on how to do make-up.

    you look beautiful as always though :)

  26. Michela says:

    bellissimi gli occhi! Io in genere non mi trucco molto ma quanto mi piacerebbe saper realizzare un trucco per gli occhi così!bellissimo anche il vestito, adoro le paillettes.

  27. Tamara González says:

    Love this make up but I’ve to practise it hehehe Let’s go! ;)

  28. terners says:

    awesome post!
    i think for girl’s this will be useful!


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