Milan fashionweek day 2


Photos by Zhanna Romashka

During Milan fashionweek day 2 the snow started to arrive in the city: for one day I abandoned high heels and opted for my Balenciaga more comfortable booties.
Here is another hairstyle that the Redken team chose for me: It’s called “Twist and Tweet” and it’s a side braid inspired by one of the most famous Alexander Wang shows. One of my favourites ever.

Il secondo giorno di fashionweek milanese la neve ha cominciato ad arrivare in scena: per una giornata ho abbandonato i tacchi ed optato per i più comodi stivaletti di Balenciaga.
Ecco un’altra delle pettinature che il team di Redken ha scelto per me: si chiama “Twist and Tweet” ed è una treccia laterale ispirata da una delle più celebri sfilate di Alexander Wang. Una dei miei hairstyle preferiti in assoluto.


I was wearing:


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282 Responses to Milan fashionweek day 2

  1. ようなサイズのトートバッグ日常のように使用離れて夕食にまたはパーティー。成っているお金トーンとを包含する、非常にアンティークのように見える。

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  3. kaizer says:

    commonly consumers aren’t sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  4. r4 says:

    I value the article.Really looking forward to read more. r4

  5. Questo look è davvero bello, eccetto per gli stivaletti che ahimè proprio non mi piacciono!
    I capelli poi sono una meraviglia!

  6. Deprise says:

    Love this outfit!!

  7. Like the outfit and the hair… but I’m not crazy for the makeup. xoxo

  8. I <3 your necklace, blazer and bag!

  9. Laura says:

    now this is what fashion should be all about!

  10. anonim says:

    I agree with Clochette in EVERYTHING she said!

  11. anonim says:

    It is not only makeup!
    The whole appearance is full!
    It’s too much now!
    I like your blog Chiara but you got too brave!

  12. anonim says:

    I’m the same opinion!
    She does not look like a young girl!
    She looks like an old lady!

  13. says:

    Love this outfit, that blazer. <33

  14. love how the fit of the blazer looks but especially love that gorgeous print on it!

  15. frivoliciouz says:

    Look fantastico!
    Hair style e trucco impeccabile, giacca pazzesca e che dire della borsa di Paula Cademartori!!!
    La adoro!

  16. Ale says:

    Sei fantastica chiara, complimenti! Continua così, la moda italiana riparte con te

  17. I love the killer print on that blazer. Great shade of blue.

    Christie x

    Dark Blue Stripes

  18. I loved this style on you!
    Keep going <3

  19. Karla says:

    What kind of makeup did they put you on?? Yur skin looks dead..also dont really dig the blue n the eyelids. The faux fur and bag are gorgeous, but i’d have liked better some more femenine shoes.. Also, maybe there’s too much blue…maybe you could have balanced everything with another collar?

  20. Clochette says:

    Ok, but she is not a professional model! And sorry, but being a model is not about being pretty, Chiara is prettier than many models, BUT her face doesn’t allow this kind of make up, for exemple, this just doesn’t work for her! It is not about makeup being less strong, the last guerlain post is a very heavy sophisticated one, but in a way that enhences her features. This makeup would work for a face with a different bone structure, on Chiara, it makes her eyes look less blue, smaller, her skin looks less fresh etc. This is what people don’t understand, they think a girl is beautiful she should be a model, but it doesn’t work like this. And some models are not “every day pretty”, but their faces works with any make up and light (wich is as important as makeup)

  21. oh my god, this is AMAZING!

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  23. Amara says:

    The blazer is perfect and the fur adds so much character. Love it
    Pink 2.55

  24. zsquare says:

    this color looks great in snow

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