Chiara Ferragni for Vogue Spain, look II


Bom dia from Sao Paulo!
Before starting to post my photos from my Brazil trip here is another look I shot for Vogue Spain in Milan, just before fashionweek season. Like it as much as I do?

Bom dia da San Paolo!
Prima di pubblicare i miei scatti brasiliani ecco un altro look scattato a Milano per Vogue Spagna, appena prima che iniziasse la stagione delle sfilate. Vi piace quanto piace a me?


I was wearing:


Photos by Coke Bartrina

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Chiara Ferragni

182 Responses to Chiara Ferragni for Vogue Spain, look II

  1. Tra Mi says:

    haha there are same trams in sofia too


  2. Aimee says:

    Love the trousers. Interesting lip color. Overall I like this look.

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  4. This is a gorgeous look!

  5. Jessica V. says:

    The outfit is trying to hard. Seems like who ever fitted you was trying to hard to get a fashion forward/high end fashion look. Unfortunately they failed. I get what they were trying to do with your hair, but unfortunately it looks extremely greasy and cheap. The lipstick is so weird. Who wears yellow? so unnatural and gross looking! The clothes are okay. I really like the jacket, but not a huge fan of the pants. I think the lipstick and hair are just distracting and if that was changed I would probably like the outfit even better.
    I LOVE the outfits you pick for yourself. You have such great style, so don’t take this as a personal critique/attack/etc because I get that you were doing this for a magazine and they chose everything. (I’m sorry if you had any part in choosing this look…)

  6. Sophie says:

    I’m sorry but neither this hairstyle nor the lipstick suit you. They made you look like a zombie…

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  8. Diva In Me says:

    Definitely loving it as much as you do =)
    That lipstick is so darn cool!! Nice shade!

  9. Anonymous says:

    You are gorgeous. If once singles out a thing, then it’s not working as the whole you. This does stunning look does that completely and the lipstick comment? It in no way deflects the inherent beauty you possess in anyway. Few can wear such an incredible color with out noticing the color first , but its absolutely to YOU secondary. Voila’! complete perfection..

  10. Lydia says:

    Gosh, love the pants too much! And how your lips go with it!


  11. Yulia says:

    you look fantastic! such an amazing style!
    love the pants and jacket)

    love, Yulia

  12. particolare come look i tuoi capelli qui non tanto domano al tutto ti preferisco con i capelli raccolti:))
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  13. Rougeuse says:

    Love these pictures! Missing Milano. x


  14. Nefeli says:

    Great look but i believe the lipstick doesn’t quite match….

  15. Lesley O says:

    I am obsessing over this look! Perfection!

    A new outfit post is up on Local & Opulent and I am heading to World MasterCard Fashion Week!


  16. I know I’ve said this for like a million times but you are just stunning! :)

  17. That purse is soo original!!! :DD


    (a party outfit)

  18. cristina says:

    assolutamente no!!! quel rossetto ti fa apparire malata….le foto in bianco in nero non sono male
    nel complesso non trovo sia un bel look

  19. Kate Brown says:

    Great pics and another gorgeous outfit!

  20. laura g. says:

    brutti i capelli così conciati!

  21. Blanca says:

    Love this out fit!!! It seems from Vogue style :)
    Golden lips!!! Wow!


  22. Mira says:

    So stunning. Looove the rad pants and the clutch <3




  23. Ejnet says:

    I live in Spain now, I have to have new Vogue!

  24. I love your outfit!! Happy to have it no Vogue Spain!!!

    Today on mu blog I tell my Roman Holiday and my favourites places in Rome..I hope you like it!!!

    Habemus…Roman Holiday en:



  25. cristina says:

    un vero matador style! Clutch davvero carina.


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