Santorini day 1


Photos by Andrew Arthur

Good morning from Santorini: I arrived in this dream island last Friday, mainly to shoot an editorial for Marianna G, the new luxury swimwear brand that already “brought me” to Athens at the end of May and which is making me discover even more the beauties of Greece.
Here is how I spent my first afternoon, before admiring the sunset in Oia: on the terrace of my room, with a beautiful maxi chiffon dress found on Minusey and no shoes on. I can’t wait to shoe you all the photos we shot!

Buongiorno da Santorini: sono arrivata in questa isola da sogno venerdi, principalmente per scattare un editoriale per Marianna G, nuovo brand di luxury swimwear che già mi aveva “portata” ad Atene a fine Maggio e che mi sta facendo scoprire sempre di più le bellezze della Grecia.
Ecco come ho passato il primo pomeriggio, prima di ammirare il tramonto ad Oia: sul terrazzo della mia camera, con un bellissimo vestito trovato su Minusey e naturalmente a piedi nudi. Non vedo l’ora di mostrarvi tutte le foto che abbiamo scattato!


I was wearing:


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Chiara Ferragni

222 Responses to Santorini day 1

  1. Ahmed says:

    Wowee! She looks amazing in those pthoos! I can see you in her place wearing that entire outfit so I see why you fell for the pretty brolly! x

  2. Data says:

    I was there a decade ago, but ruins never cganhe, I hope. My faves in Istanbul were the history and honesty of the Fatih neighborhood and a local mosque there was raw and beautiful: Tahir aga Camii.The Aya Sophia / Topkapi Palace had incredible history of overlapping victors c. 1459 as did the Basilica Cistern. They used Roman ruins to uphold their underground water source c. 532 AD.Add the Seafood district. Drinking Raki. Water pipes. Grand Bazaar c. 1453. Oh. So much to see!!Also went to a steam room near Blue Mosque and straight of Bosphorus that was an eye opener. Men get luxury suites upstairs, women get a mass room downstairs with no frills.

  3. MD says:

    These photos are the evidence of a great vacation. Most amazing place of the world. You may discover here such amazing place as well

  4. festivefancy says:

    always love your style!

  5. Darkbrume says:

    I love your dress!! So beautiful! Elegant and aerial!

  6. You look stunning. This is definitely on our bucket list. Thank you for sharing all your gorgeous pictures and experiences. Let us know what you think of our travels.

  7. Maggy Hsu says:

    Incredibly stunning! I want to go there sooooooo much!

  8. lala1915 says:

    Loving your post soooo much!!!!

    I want to ask the info. of the hotel you lived in Santorini,

    It`s fantastic and I`m going there next year.

  9. LabellaLuxe Boutique says:

    Nice sunglasses!

  10. Fiercely Chic says:

    It is sooo beautiful there!!!!! i hope you are having fun!!! I love your dress and the pics are fantastic. keep up the great work!!! xox

  11. gemma says:

    This post is fantastic! Very inspiring:)

    Come check out my blog:

    Love, Gemma

  12. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful pictures! I wish I could be there, too, at the moment. xx

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  14. You are so awesome! One day ,when I will meet you my dream will came true :) .I have second dream too -be
    famous like you.I love fashion and you are my idol .I will be glad that you will read it . L.r. : I´m from Slovakia :)

  15. Great dress

    Lots of love,

    April Fashionreports

  16. Paola88 says:

    Ti preferivo quando eri un pochetto più bionda ma sempre bellissima rimani

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