Paris fashionweek wearing Louis Vuitton

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Last day of Paris fashionweek: the real it moment of the day was once again Louis Vuitton show, that this time also had a bittersweet taste.
Marc Jacobs, after 16 years as creative director of the maison, decided to leave his position and the stage of the show, recreating the “best of” this genius, was composed by some of the elements of the previous fashionshows: the elevators, the stairs, the fountain, the carrousel and the corridors.
The collection? Total black and enriched by feathers, sequins, velvet but also denim worn with semi transparent tops.
In such an important day I couldn’t wear anything else than Louis Vuitton: here is my outfit with the new it bag, the W bag.

Ultimo giorno di fashionweek parigina: la vera perla della giornata è stata ancora una volta la sfilata di Louis Vuitton, che questa volta aveva un sapore decisamente “bittersweet”.
Marc Jacobs, dopo 16 anni di direzione creativa, ha deciso di lasciare il suo posto alla maison e lo stage della sfilata, come per ricreare un “best of” del grande genio, era composto da tanti degli elementi degli show precedenti: gli ascensori, le scale, la fontana, la giostra ed i corridoi.
La collezione? Total black e arricchita da piume, paillettes, velluto, ma anche denim indossato insieme a top semi trasparenti.
In un’occasione cosi importante non potevo che indossare un total look Louis Vuitton: ecco il mio outfit con la nuova arrivata, la bellissima e già iconica W bag.

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I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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Chiara Ferragni

206 Responses to Paris fashionweek wearing Louis Vuitton

  1. JustyStylo says:

    amazing pictures love them all


  2. Sophie says:

    Amazing pictures <33

  3. I love the theme of rawness rawness and the dark authenticity that you feel when looking at these pictures. Also love your outfit of course. But combining these two elements together, it is for sure a winning team!

    New stop blogging Chiara, you’re doing such a wonderful job!!

    Lots of Love,
    Stefanie Look

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  6. Those boots look amazing! Really lovely with the golden details in them.
    I am wishing they were mine!

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