Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Dubai

photo 3

Do you remember my three days in Dubai for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out and Vogue Italia gala dinner?
This is what happened at Sauce during the event organized for me during VFNO. I was more than excited: you guys were so many and all super happy to see me :)
I was wearing one of my favourite designers from Dubai, Zayan for the night.

Vi ricordate i miei tre giorni a Dubai per la Vogue Fashion’s Night Out e la cena di gala di Vogue Italia?
Questo è quello che è successo nello store Sauce durante l’evento per me organizzato durante la VFNO. Ero a dir poco entusiasta: sono stata accolta da persone meravigliose.
Per l’occasione indossavo un top di Zayan, talentuosa designer di Dubai :)

photo 1
photo 4
photo 2

I was wearing:


10th October 2013: Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Dubai

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Chiara Ferragni

119 Responses to Vogue Fashion’s Night Out in Dubai

  1. E says:

    E’ bello vedere l’amore dei tuoi followers anche all’estero :) complimenti, penso tu sia davvero orgogliosa!


  2. Manuela says:

    thats soo cool ! you are amazing <3

    xoxo manu

  3. Alicia says:

    Chiara you deserve all this: you are amazing!
    Great blog, fresh personality, such a creativity: you rock girl!!



  4. che grande soddisfazione, un super evento

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    new post s up click: http://www.whosdaf.com/2013/10/shape-your-life-al-e-ro-rubber-glasses.html

  5. Awesome! I love the shoes! I have the same pair in snakeskin that I recently used in a post as well :) http://www.glamourhouse.com/leather-baseball-and-spikes/

  6. Hipsterie says:

    Hello Chiara,

    i am such a big fan of yours and i just wanted to leave you a compliment of how i am impressed i am
    of your style and your work ethics you seem to be so fully booked and working all the time but still looking fresh and awesome on every picture. I think you made a wonderful career and you are a role model to a lot of people and especially new beginners in the blog scene as i am. Thank you so much for your blog and all the inspiration i get from it every time!

    All the best wishes you Jana from Germany

  7. Vittoria says:

    Un evento curato nei minimi detagli! C’era anche la vasca con l’insalata ;)

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  8. Elisabetta Rossi says:

    Sei così famosa solo perché hai aperto un blog!
    non ci credo!
    altrimenti non saresti arrivata fino a questo punto!

    ti lascio anche io il mio blog, un abbraccio fortissimo!


  9. Thank you for sharing, Chiara. It must have been wonderful being surrounded by all those excited fans. Dubai indeed has some great designers. Looking forward to learning more about your stay there!

  10. Helen says:

    Lovely outfit! I love the Valentino shoes, so cool!!


  11. Dion says:

    AMAZING. I swear, I’m amazed by your success– so jealous and thrilled for you!
    PS: That bag…must…find..that…bag!

    http://www.lifeduringthecommercialbreak.com XO!

  12. You look amazing! Seems to be a wunderful event!

  13. Gi. says:

    …..che meraviglia di esperienza!…….
    mi fa piacere per te………e l’outfit è NOTEVOLE!
    complimenti !!!

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